Beautiful Nightmare

He never trusted anyone, not after he had been deceived. He kept secrets from anyone who has ever known him. He lived in fear until he found the one place that helped him escape. He discovers the reasons of his mother's death and the betrayal of his friends. A life he has chosen to live. A past that cannot be left behind to find the truth of this Beautiful Nightmare.


11. Ten

Two weeks have already gone by and Camille was back at work. Hopefully by now the issue with Ethan is gone. “Hey, we heard about what happened to your grandmother.” Perrie and Jade gave her a hug. Camille glanced over at me.

Liam and Niall welcomed her back to work as well. Ethan approached Camille as soon as everyone were seated at their desk. He handed her a large file. It could possibly be mine. I thought, but why would Ethan give it to her?

What was his reason? All I could think of was that Ethan hated my guts and wanted me to be deported back to the UK. The girls were talking about it and Camille looked worried.

As I did my work on the computer, I received a text from Camille. It informed me about the folder, which I had guessed right, that had contents about me. She didn’t say anything else. What was she fussing about?

After work, Camille and I got in my car when I asked about what happened in Ethan’s office. I did notice her enter the the elevator, so I assumed that there was only one of two reasons why. “What happened in London?”

Well, they definitely had the talk about London. This was one major topic I didn’t want to discuss with Camille. It was then I realized that I had to talk to her about Genevieve, my ex. I hardly started the car and she was already questioning me.

“What are you talking about?”

“Tell me Harry.” The tone in her voice reminded me of her. Camille reminded me of her. Why did she have to bring it up now? Ethan probably put her up to this. Genevieve was the reason why I was in the agency.

I stayed in the agency because my mum was killed and my sister was never to be trust again. “Not here. I’m not going to tell you here.” I told her and started the car. I drove out to the building where I had taken Camille.

The same building where I told her that I haven’t taken anyone to, but I lied about that. One person I took to that building was the same person I took to that same restaurant - Genevieve.

I parked the car in the empty lot of the building and pulled Camille along with me up the stairs to the rooftop. “Her name was Genevieve.” I told her after letting go of her arm. Camille stayed silent.

“She was a beautiful girl and from France. She was staying in London and I had just gotten out of college…” I explained to her my story of how I met Genevieve and how she just left one day without saying goodbye.

“I joined the agency here in America, but a year later, my mum was killed. I searched for Genevieve, but I could never find her. I knew she was from France, and obviously, I searched there first. No one knew anyone, any girl by that name.” I told her.

“You’re in love with her.” Camille looked down as she hid her facial expression from me. What? She looked up at me, but in her eyes I saw that I had hurt her. “I was in love with her.”

She shook her head. “Doesn’t sound like she’s in the past Harry.” Why was she so stubborn? Why couldn’t she see what she did to me? “It’s because you remind me of her Camille. How am I supposed to move on from her when I’m with you?”

I shouldn’t have said that. There were now tears in her eyes. “Camille, wait, I’m sorry.” I said.

“Don’t talk to me.” She turned and walked back into the building. After a minute or two, I walked back inside and descended the stairs down to the main floor. I got in my car and there she sat, looking out the window.

I drove back to the apartment building and she entered without a single word or look. I didn’t deserve a girl like her, but I was falling for her. I was afraid to admit that. I guess it seemed like I was still clinging on to the one girl I cared for. Genevieve, but I had to let go.

I couldn’t lose a girl like Camille. She didn’t understand that I was over Genevieve. Soon enough, what I thought wasn’t going to happen… did. I let the girl I love slip right out of my fingers.

I couldn’t face the fact that this time, my heart was truly broken. Even though I never admitted anything to her, I felt like I did. I opened my heart out to this girl. The girl that I once barely knew had turned into a girl that I could see myself with.

Repeatedly I kept calling Camille, but she never picked up. Now she was the one ignoring me. The weekend was long and Jesy could see that I was constantly beating myself up over Camille.

I told her how I felt about Camille. I told her everything. The first day at work after a long weekend, Camille and I never gave each other eye contact. She avoided everyone as much as possible.

I was worried about her. Jesy, I guess, was the only person who could calm her since she was the closest to me. The hours dragged on and I just wanted the day to be over.

After work, Camille and I went to the car and got in. I started the car and drove down the street. “Where are we going?” she asked. She noticed. Observant girl. I turned down another street after answering her question.

Soon, everything became familiar to her as I parked the car in the parking lot. We got out and walked towards the entrance of the building. “Styles, no one’s allowed-“

“She’s with me Carter.” I interrupted Carter, who was quick to shut up and nodded. She asked me the same question once we got to the elevator. I didn’t answer her as we stepped in and climbed a few flights to the nineteenth floor.

I took out the key card from my pocket and slid it through the reader. I turned the handle and opened the door. “This… is my office.” Camille stepped inside and looked around the room as I closed the door behind us.

She was actually the first girl I took here. Jesy didn’t count. “Why are you showing me this?” she asked.

“I’m sorry of how I acted that night. I shouldn’t have said what I said. It was just- I was so overwhelmed with the whole Genevieve thing. I had forgotten who I was talking to. I’ve never told anyone else about her, except for Jesy and Ethan. I stay here some nights. It kinda helps me forget about her.”

Camille nodded and she went over to sit down. It was understandable that she didn’t trust me, but I’d do anything for her. I would change everything about the person that I’ve become for her.

I sat down on the couch while maintaining a safe distance. “The associations are different now. I can’t stay at my own apartment knowing that you were staying with me more than a week ago.” I said. “Don’t take it as a bad thing Cam. You’re nothing like her.

“She was manipulative, controlling. She worked for the agency that I work for now, and when I discovered the reason why she left me, I was mad and upset. I felt for her.. hard, but she couldn’t care less about me. She played with my emotions and fancied some other guy, a guy who I used to be friends with.”


I nodded as I told her about how Ethan and I were once close, but now has become a rogue agent. I thought I had trusted him, but the trust between us was lost. I reminded Camille that she knew too much about me and about the agency. I took her hand, apologizing for everything that has happened.

“I haven’t felt this way about any girl in a long time. I’m falling for you Camille.” There. I said it. I said the words that I have been keeping for so long. I have been quiet about my feelings since the very first day I met her.

She leaned in and kissed my lips, which I hadn’t really been expecting. I reached up and ran a hand through her hair. Finally, I could touch it and feel how soft it was.

Even her skin was smooth as I deepened the kiss, tongue wrestling with her. I was exposing my true self at this moment, but I didn’t care. Neither of us cared. Right now, I knew how she felt about me.

My hands roamed her body as we continued kissing. Moments later, I was positioned between her legs. Our moans sounded throughout the room. There was nothing more than the enjoyment of hearing sweet pleasure.

God, I have waited this long to share something like this with Camille. She was the one for sure. We lay on the couch and her head rested on my chest with my arms around her. “Can we just stay this way forever?” she asked.

I chuckled lightly and kissed the top of her head. “We sure can.” Now nothing can ruin this- A knock came at the door and immediately, the two of us got dressed. I ran a hand through my hair, ruffling it a bit and saw Camille do the same.

I answered the door about to punch the guy who interrupted us when it was only Louis. He has impeccable timing. “About time you answered. What were you doing in there mate?”

Louis entered the room as I closed the door behind him. “Didn’t know you had a girl over. I would’ve come back later.” he said.

“Why are you here Lou?” I asked. He better have a good reason to come over unexpected, interrupting my time with Camille. “Where are your manners Harry?” He turned towards Camille and held out his hand.

“Louis Tomlinson.”

“Camille Devine.” They shook hands and Louis turned on the charm, making her blush. She’s my girl. Well, not yet anyway but she will be. “Why are you here?” I repeated my question becoming more impatient.

Louis needed to learn how to get right to the point. He always seemed to be distracted by everything. “Anderson wanted to talk to you about… you know.” I nodded and left the room. 

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