Beautiful Nightmare

He never trusted anyone, not after he had been deceived. He kept secrets from anyone who has ever known him. He lived in fear until he found the one place that helped him escape. He discovers the reasons of his mother's death and the betrayal of his friends. A life he has chosen to live. A past that cannot be left behind to find the truth of this Beautiful Nightmare.


7. Six

What if I make an attempt to make her hate me? That’d be a good idea. I noticed that she was getting along with Perrie and my friends as well. It was like high school all over again. “What do you think of her?” Jesy asked, sitting down in one of the chairs at my office.

Today after work, we were just going over the newbies to pass through. Some of the scores were terrible. “Who? The new girl?” I asked. “I don’t know. It hasn’t been a day and you’re already asking me about her.”

“I think you like her.” She smiled.

“No, I don’t.” I spat.

“Then why do you sound like you’re in denial?” She raised an eyebrow at me as I rolled my eyes. “Jes, I am not in denial. I’m not interested in the new girl.”

“Sure. That’s what they all say.” She rolled her eyes and began to look over the remainder of the tests. What exactly was Jesy trying to imply here? After all, she knew that I had been single for a while but I was not looking for a girlfriend any time soon.

The next day I decided, for a change, to go to work early. The elevator doors opened on my floor and I stepped in, seeing Camille all dolled up in her work uniform. She looked beautiful in blue. “Going to work early?” she asked.

I shrugged, “Might as well. I’ve been late seventeen times. Mr. Jensen hates me for being late.” Ethan’s an asshole for making me go to work by 8am in the morning. He knew, of all people, how much I hated getting myself out of bed.

“Want a ride?” I asked as soon as we emerged from the lobby. Harry, what are you doing? Aren’t you supposed to act like you hate her? I shrugged off the thought when I heard she had agreed to get a ride with me.

We had a small conversation in the car. She was surprised that I owned such an expensive car. A few times, on the ride to work, I got her to smile. It wasn’t my intention to, but I did anyway. I noticed that she became a bit hesitant, but I didn’t bother to speak up about it. I just acted like I didn’t notice. We arrived at work and went our separate ways.

During lunch break, Camille sat down with her new friends. "Why are you in such denial about this?" Jesy asked. "It's clear enough that she's trying to impress you. You're not even interested in the other girls here."

I crossed my arms over my chest, "Jes, are you going to lecture me about this again?" I said. I didn't have to ask, she began her lecture. After work, Camille was standing alone out front. "Calling for a cab, are you?" I asked.

"I am." she replied.

"C'mon, I'm taking you home." I said, then began to walk towards my car. We both got in and I began the drive down the street back towards the building. "What did everyone say about me this time?"

"You're not a friendly person, and you don't warm up to just anyone."

I scoffed, it was such a typical answer from everyone at work but mostly Perrie. "You're going to believe those robots about me?"

"Who else is there to believe?" She looked at me, staring. By the time our conversation had ended, we were right outside our apartment building. "I for sure as hell won't believe you. I hardly know you Harry." She got out of the car and slammed the door, and then entered through the main doors.

Furious, I followed her into the elevator and pressed the button to my floor. "Why'd you get in my car?"

"You asked me for a ride."

"You could've declined the damned ride Cam."

"Don't call me that!" I laughed at her. She was so cute when she was mad, but I didn't want to tell her that. "What is so funny?" she asked.

"Want to know me? Get off with me on the next floor." I haven't brought another girl into my apartment since Genevieve. The doors opened on my floor and I slipped the key into the lock, and then opened the door to my apartment.

I turned on the lights to see the look on her face. I'm guessing it was what she was expecting from a guy like me. We stepped out onto the balcony and she told me a few things about herself when I asked. "What do you know about siblings?"

“I have one. An older sister. She and I were close once too, but-“ At the mention of my sister, I could go no farther. “Get out.” I motioned towards the door. She quickly exited the room and closed the door behind her. She would never be able to understand the relationship I have with my sister. I was never going to bring myself to tell her about why my sister and I have lost contact.

Camille avoided me for weeks and it was understandable. I wanted her to stay as far away from me as possible. One day she wasn’t in the lunchroom sitting with Perrie. I didn’t want to ask them because I didn’t want them to think that I cared about Camille. After work, I gave her another ride back to our building and asked her where she was at lunch. “Protective all of a sudden Harry?” She asked. I warned her to stay away from Ethan. “Stop seeing him Camille. He’s not good for you.”

“He’s a lot nicer than you.” she spat.

“You’ll regret being with him Camille. I’m-“

“You’re what Harry? Jealous?”

“I’m not jealous, not of him. I’m just warning you. Stay. Away.” I parked my car in front of the building and she got out. I followed her into the elevator and I told her that she was stubborn. She pressed the button for her floor and as soon as the doors opened on the floor, she stepped out. I didn’t follow her. If she was smart, she would avoid him.

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