Beautiful Nightmare

He never trusted anyone, not after he had been deceived. He kept secrets from anyone who has ever known him. He lived in fear until he found the one place that helped him escape. He discovers the reasons of his mother's death and the betrayal of his friends. A life he has chosen to live. A past that cannot be left behind to find the truth of this Beautiful Nightmare.


8. Seven

That weekend, I was at my apartment looking over a bunch of files. “Jes, she deserves to be with someone else.” I said into the receiver. Jesy had called me to remind me about a meeting and we somehow got into a conversation about Camille.

In the midst of the conversation, I heard a knock at my door. I told Jesy that I would call her back. I wonder who would be seeing me at this time. I open the door to see Camille standing there before me.

“Cam, what are you doing here?” She looked like a complete mess. I was worried something might’ve happened to her. I wrapped my arms around her and rubbed her back. I could feel her tears wetting my shirt, but that didn’t matter.

I pulled away as soon as the tears stopped and invited her inside for some tea. I quickly brew a cup before bringing it out to her in the living room. “Careful, it’s still hot.” I said as she took the mug.

I sat down on the couch. “What happened?” I asked. She told me about what Ethan had done to her. I knew that she should’ve stayed away. In her eyes she knew that she should’ve listened to me, but I didn’t say anything.

I wrapped an arm around her to comfort her as she leaned into me. Something about the way she fit perfectly under my arm felt so right. She was like the missing puzzle piece I lost and have finally found.

“I should be going home.” She pulled away and I nodded as we both stood, and then exited the apartment. We went up to her floor and she asked me to stay with her for the night. I agreed and entered her apartment.

She set up the living room couch for me to sleep on as she retreated to her room. About five minutes I waited until I walked to her room and poke my head through the door. “You can’t sleep?” I asked.

She shook her head at me and I entered the room, and shortly closed the door behind me. I got in bed with her and wrapped an arm around her. She closed her eyes and I could hear her begin breathing deeply.

I closed my eyes and for some strange reason, being with her was like a dream come true. She was a lot different than Genevieve, but I couldn’t be so sure. I mean, Genevieve had changed after months of just getting to know her. It wasn’t until about a year later that I find out she was lying to me. Could I trust Camille?

I woke up early the next day and saw that she was still asleep. Quietly, I was able to sneak out of her room without waking her up and decided to make her some breakfast. As I was finishing the food, she emerged from the hallway.

“Morning, I woke up early and made you breakfast.” I placed the finished meal on a plate and put it on the counter. Camille grabbed herself a fork and began to have a taste. “So?” I asked, raising an eyebrow.

“How’d you learn to cook like this?”

“I took it up when I was younger. I just found an interest in it. I bake too.”

“Well, this food is fantastic.” I thanked her for the compliment and smiled. We were having small talk when her phone had rang and she excused herself to answer it. She came back to tell me that Perrie invited her to dinner and said to bring someone.

I asked her about where the dinner was and she told me the name of the restaurant. I nodded and told her that I would be seeing her at work on Monday. As I left her apartment, I thought about Camille.

Her presence reminded me so much of my mom and I smiled to myself just thinking about them. I headed to the agency and Anderson informed us about someone within the agency is working against us, that they’re threating to shut us down. Carter, Jesy, and I exchanged glances with one another. There was only one person who would be behind all of this. Ethan.

That Monday, I was running late and sat at my desk behind Niall. I noticed that Camille and Perrie had been in deep conversation all morning, lunch too. That evening, I arrived at the restaurant Camille told me about. “Sorry, I’m late.” I said, joining Camille at the table whom was seated with Perrie and I’m assuming Perrie’s date. “What a surprise to see you here Harry.” Perrie sneered.

“I see you’ve finally met someone who could tame you.” I smirked, leaning back in my chair. Perrie and Camille excused themselves to go to the bathroom while I was left with Perrie’s date, Zayn Malik. Zayn seemed like a really nice guy and in a weird sense, I was happy for Perrie. After dinner, we all bid our goodbyes and I walked with Camille back to my car. “Why did you go to dinner tonight?”

“Just making sure you weren’t put in any sort of danger.” I answered as I began to drive down the highway back to the building. I asked what she was thinking about and it ended up with me kicking her out of the car… again.

As soon as she closed the door, I drove away. I arrived at the agency to talk with Anderson about Ethan. As I was finished, I exited out into the main lobby and saw- “Camille.” I grabbed her arm and led her out of the building. What exactly what she doing there?

I opened the door to my car and pushed her in [gently], and then slammed the car door after she got in. I walked around to the driver’s seat and started the car as I began the drive down the street.

I drove out to an empty building and parked the car in the lot. I got out and opened her door, again, to only pull her out of the car. I slammed the door and pushed her up against the car. “Do you know how stubborn you are?” I asked her.

I was furious. I have never been so mad at anyone in such a long time. “You shouldn’t be following cars and going to places where you know you’re not going to be safe.”

“I’m just-“

“Curious. I know. I have a lot to tell you, but I’m not ready to tell you. Cam, I just want you to fight against your own will and don’t follow me.” I gave her some money for a ride home. Hopefully what I told her will knock some common sense into her head. I got in the driver’s seat of the car and once again, drove on down the street.

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