Beautiful Nightmare

He never trusted anyone, not after he had been deceived. He kept secrets from anyone who has ever known him. He lived in fear until he found the one place that helped him escape. He discovers the reasons of his mother's death and the betrayal of his friends. A life he has chosen to live. A past that cannot be left behind to find the truth of this Beautiful Nightmare.


10. Nine

I felt her shift underneath my arm as I kept my eyes closed. I could feel her staring at me. Probably watching me sleep. I thought that was a little creepy. “Stop staring.” I muttered.

“I’m not staring, I’m gazing.” I smiled a little and opened my eyes to look at her. God, she was so beautiful. I admired the way the sunlight hit her face and it made her eyes sparkle.

What was it about her that drew me to her? Man, if only I knew the answer. She was stubborn and curious, but she captured my heart like no other woman has. “What exactly are you gazing at?” I asked.

“Your tattoos.” She replied.

“What about them?” I brushed a stray hair out of her face. That one strand allowed me to gently touch her skin, which felt so soft. “I’m curious if they’re all meaningful.” There she goes again.

“Some are. There’s a few about my mum and sister.” I said. No words were spoken between us as I sat up and leaned against the headboard. “We were close when we were younger. After our mother passed away, it’s like she dropped off the face of the earth.” She sat beside me as she took my hand and caressed it. “I’m here if you want to talk.”

I looked down, thinking about the many things that we could talk about. Yet, one topic stood out above all the rest. Ethan. She didn’t exactly know Ethan for as long as I did. She didn’t understand the act of betrayal by the one person you trusted.

I’ve been betrayed twice. The first time was by the girl I thought loved me back and the second was by the guy I thought was my best friend. “What else do you want to know about me?” I got off of the bed.

“Why did you tell me to stay away from Ethan?” She asked. If only there was a way to avoid answering that question. I told her my reasons and hope that she would finally listen to me. “Let’s go out and do something fun.” she suggested. I raised an eyebrow at her. What did she know about ‘fun.’

“Yeah, I’m dying to get out of this apartment anyway.”

“What’s wrong with my apartment?” Did she not enjoy here time here? Would she rather be anywhere else but here safe with me? “What I meant was that we can’t stay locked up in here forever.” she answered.

No other place was safer than this apartment. I didn’t trust anywhere else, but the agency was an exception. I didn’t trust her there either since most of the agents that worked with us were friends with Ethan.

The reason why they haven’t left was because Anderson was the best boss they’ve ever had and pays really good money. I sighed, finally giving in to her wants.

“Get dressed.” I threw on my shirt and a pair of dark jeans. I left the room to give her some privacy. I might as well keep my distance. I didn’t want her to feel uncomfortable with me in the same room as her.

Though, she didn’t mind that I was only wearing underwear when I slept with her last night. Once she exited the bedroom, I grabbed my keys and we walked out of the apartment to the elevator. “You have no need to be protective of me Harry. You being here is protection enough.” she said.

We got into my car as I told her why I wanted to make sure she was safe at all times. It was a habit I had gotten into since working at the agency and really, there was nothing I could do.

I drove to the local food place to treat her for breakfast. We entered and were seated in a booth near the window. I asked her about the poems again, but she shook her head in reply. “Just one.” Finally she gave in as she took a small journal out from her bag. I guessed that she was warming up to me. She began to read the poem tilted: “Curiosity.”

It was unbelievably good. “Everyone has a curious mind Harry.” She replied when asked about what had brought up the idea to write the poem. I stated that she wasn’t curious, but was in fact stubborn. After breakfast, I took her to another place. This place meant a lot to me in many ways.”What’s with you and rooftops?” she asked as we got to the top of the building.

“I just like being up here. It distances me from the rest of the world.”

“Don’t you already do that?”

“Sure.” I sat down on the roof and brought my knees to my chest as she sat beside me. She kept a distance between us and that was understandable. “I’ve never taken anyone up here before.”

“Why’s that?”

“It defeats the purpose of being alone Camille.” She stood and I reached out to grab her hand. She stopped in mid-step as she turned her head towards me. “I want you to stay.” She took her place beside me once more.

You’re different Camille. I thought in my mind. I like you. “There’s not a lot of people I trust Cam. Working for an agency, it taught me not to trust anyone, whether it be your family or your friends. The only other person I trusted was my mum.”

“Who’s the second?” There was a long pause between us. Should I admit this out loud to her? Should she know that I trust her more than I trust Jesy? Surprisingly, I don’t know why I did.

For some reason, I felt closer to Camille more than any other girl. Maybe it was because she reminded me of my mum, but in a good way. I wondered if my mum had sent Camille towards my direction. Maybe she wanted me to move on from the last girl, but I didn’t know.


She looked at me, surprised. She was frantically wondering why I trusted her. I found it slightly amusing to see her like this. I guess it was one of her antics that I was beginning to like. It didn’t seem like I liked her questioning, but I did.

“If I hardly trust you, why did I ask you to stay at my apartment? I could’ve asked any other girl, but I don’t trust other girls. I have never told anyone about the agency, except for you and my mum.

“You aren’t supposed to know about it anyway. When too much information gets out, someone gets hurt or even killed. I don’t want that to happen to you. You are going to stay with me until this entire thing, whatever it is, is resolved. Do you understand me Cam?” She nodded.

“Good.” I liked how she didn’t fight back, but I also liked it when she did. Contradicting, I know. She didn’t fight back. She betrayed me. She took my heart and broke it into a million pieces. Genevieve, I will get my revenge. I will do everything I can in my power to hunt you down and kill you. I stood up and said, “Now c’mon, I have one more place to show you.”

. . .

“Can I start you two off with something to drink?” The waiter asked us once we were seated. I had taken Camille to a restaurant. I think she deserved this kind of treatment after what Ethan had done to her. I bet that she was thinking about why I was doing this to her. I wanted to prove to her that there were nice guys in this world. “The usual for me.” I replied and the waiter turned towards Camille.

“Iced tea.” The waiter nodded and left us alone as I looked at her. “What?”

“Iced tea?”

“I’m not a fan of alcoholic beverages.”

“What else are you not a fan of?” I did like picking on her. It was quite entertaining to hear her argue. She told me a list of things she wasn’t a fan of and some I laughed at. “You say you don’t like guys who are like me, but yet, you’re sitting at the same table as a guy you’d typically avoid. I mean you spent an entire day with me Camille.”

“I think you’re different from those other guys.” Our drinks and our meals were brought out to us. As we began eating, we got into a conversation about first impressions. She asked about my first impression of her.

Oh geez, I didn’t know where to begin. I mean I could go on forever just telling her what I thought about her. I told her that I thought she was going to turn out like Miss Princess.

Honestly, I’m surprised that Zayn was able to handle a girl like her. “Now that I met you and got to know you a bit better, you seem like a sweet girl who just needs someone to show her how to have fun.” I smiled.

I hope she didn’t take that the wrong way. Though, my intent was not to get her into bed with me and have sex with her. I already got her to stay with me. I wasn’t looking for a one night stand.

I still had the hope of looking for a girl I could be with and settle down with. I doubt she would expect that of me, considering the fact that I’ve been little uptight about certain situations. After dinner, we walked back to the car and drove to the apartment building. “I had a great time with you Harry.” She looked at me and smiled.

I smiled, “Me too Cam.” I wasn’t lying. I did have a great time, well an excellent time with her. The two of us locked eyes. There was an intense moment where I just wanted to push her against the elevator wall and press my lips against hers. I have never felt this strongly about anyone before. I guess it’s the fact that she had strong feelings for me too. Well, that’s what I assumed at least.

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