Beautiful Nightmare

He never trusted anyone, not after he had been deceived. He kept secrets from anyone who has ever known him. He lived in fear until he found the one place that helped him escape. He discovers the reasons of his mother's death and the betrayal of his friends. A life he has chosen to live. A past that cannot be left behind to find the truth of this Beautiful Nightmare.


5. Four

Anderson called me into his office. It had been a week since I went to London. I entered the elevator and pressed the button for the 30th floor. As it climbed, I thought silently about reasons why Anderson would call me to his office.

When it reached the floor, I stepped out and walked down the long corridor to his office. I knocked on his door and a faint “come in” sounded from the other side. Entering the office, Anderson motioned to one of the two chairs before me. “Harry please, have a seat.” I sat in one of the chairs and asked why he wanted to speak with me.

“I give my condolences to you and your family.” He said. I thanked him and he began again. “We are very concerned with Agent Jensen’s affiliations with those outside of our agency. We are noticing his strange behavior. We know you two are friends. Would you let me know if these rumors are true?”

I nod, and then was immediately dismissed from the office. I stepped out into the main lobby after exiting the elevator from the top floor. “Jes, do you know where Ethan is?” I ask, greeting Jesy at the main door.

“He’s out with a friend for lunch. He’ll be back in fifteen minutes, why?” I tell her about the information Anderson provided for me.

. . .

“Anderson believes Ethan’s leaving the agency?” Carter asked as we gathered in Louis’ office. It was more like a small apartment complex. “I think he was seen by an insider that he’s working with another alliance.” I said.

“Ethan’s one of the best agents here. I’d say the rumor of him leaving is bullshit.” Jesy said. Even though I was best friends with Ethan, the three of them worked with him much longer than I did. “What would his reason be to leave the agency?” Carter said. “We stick together and have each other’s back.” Carter was right. We all had to abide by that rule, so we were all agreeing that it was nonsense for Ethan to be working with someone else.

Once informed Ethan finished lunch with his friend, I went to visit him at his company, Jensen Enterprises and Co. “Welcome to Jensen Enterprises and Co. I’m Colleen.” A redhead smiled at me. She had bright green eyes and a beautiful smile. “Nice to meet you Colleen. You have such an incredible smile.” Colleen blushed and I knew that my charm was working on her. It was always something I mastered at a young age. “Thank you. Is there anything I can help you with Mr.-“

“Please, call me Harry.” I grinned. She blushed even more, turning slightly red on the cheeks. “Is Mr. Jensen available to speak with?” I ask. She nods and told him that she could call him to meet me downstairs. I told her that it wasn’t necessary. She told me what floor his office was on.

I thanked her and walked down the hallway to the elevator. I stepped in and rode the elevator to the floor Colleen mentioned to me. I stepped out only to see a blonde haired girl walking out of the office.

She had bright blue eyes and wore bright red lipstick. For a split second we held eye contact until she began to glare at me, then proceeded to enter the elevator. Was I checking her out without even noticing?

I shook my head of the thought and knocked on the door at the end of the hallway. “Come in.” A voice called out as I entered, then closed the door behind me. There Ethan sat behind a large wooden desk, wearing a navy blue button up and a grey jacket. He stood and smiled, “Harry. Good to see you man.”

“Where have you been?” I demanded. He was taken aback by this question. He gave me a look of confusion and I rolled my eyes. “C’mon Ethan. Don’t play it off like you don’t know what I’m talking about. Anderson’s worried about you; he’s saying that you’re leaving the agency. Why?”

“Well,” he paused. “Anderson’s right. I am leaving the agency, but for a good cause. I have this company to run and I think I’ve finally met the girl of my dreams.” The girl of his- I motioned behind me, referring to the blonde that had left his office. “No, no. Not her. She’s decent, not really my type.”

“Then who?” I ask.

“She’s from London. Her name is Genevieve. Yeah, she’s beautiful…” While Ethan continued to list off all the great things about his new girl, it was the name that stood out the most to me. Genevieve. Her name just set me back a year, thinking about the first day we met when she was just visiting London from France. Wait, was she lying to me the entire time we were together? “She’s from London?” I asked.

“Yeah, just like you.” He says. “You have to meet her.”

“I’ll pass. So, are you really leaving the agency for good?”

“Well, don’t tell Anderson but yes. Are you all right Harry? You don’t look so well.” I just nod, and then excuse myself from the room. Immediately, I left the room and entered the door leading to the staircase.

I climbed at least eight flights of stairs until I finally reached the rooftop. Genevieve. A small rock was on the ground and I picked it up as I threw it in frustration. Luckily, it didn’t hit anything breakable.

I sat down on a place where I felt most comfortable. I didn’t care about the loud noises below or the hot sun shining in my face. It was the way everything surrounded me felt, like I was on top of the entire world. It suddenly became a calming effect, helping me with every struggle I went through.

When Ethan had told Anderson that he was leaving the agency, Anderson threatened to shoot Ethan if he wasn’t gone from the premise in five seconds. It was watching Ethan run that made it funny.

He and I stopped communicating. I was tired of hearing him talk about this new love he found, but they weren’t officially together. I always believed they would be. I continued to go to the rooftop of the agency to think. It was mostly to think about my mom and how I wish she was still around. I would love to hear her voice and talk to her again.

I know my life now is never going to be the same with both my mom and sister out of my life. My mom is dead and my sister could be who knows where. I don’t care. I guess now, to her, I wasn’t considered family. I became a stranger.

I still stayed close with Carter, Jesy, and Louis. It was Louis who I came to for advice the most, rather than Jesy. She was just there when I needed a laugh really, which was odd since Louis is the prankster out of the four of us.

The months would pass by and I would grow a year older than the last, but everything would never change. It would still be the same. Anderson finally promoted me and I got my own office. Besides staying at my apartment in the city, my office was just as homey. There were days when I never left and Jesy would sometimes bring me food, in case I get hungry. I was glad for her thoughtfulness. I don’t know what I’d do without her.

I’d even stay nights at the office. Too many memories were back at my apartment, memories of her. Eventually, I began to shut myself from everyone else – including my closest friends. I felt that they didn’t need to hear about my problems. I could solve them on my own.

I have yet to find out the reason why my mom was killed. When that day comes, I will seek revenge on whoever her killer is. Hopefully, I can get in touch with my sister. If not, I’m on my own – for now.

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