Beautiful Nightmare

He never trusted anyone, not after he had been deceived. He kept secrets from anyone who has ever known him. He lived in fear until he found the one place that helped him escape. He discovers the reasons of his mother's death and the betrayal of his friends. A life he has chosen to live. A past that cannot be left behind to find the truth of this Beautiful Nightmare.


12. Eleven

I entered the elevator and rode it to Anderson's floor. As I reached the end of the hallway, I knocked on his door. I heard a faint 'come in' from the other side. I entered and saw that Jesy and Carter were there as well.

"Glad you could join us Styles." Carter smirked. Shut up Carter. I kept my mouth shut and joined the two of them on the couch. "I'm sure you're aware of Ethan's reason as to why he left the agency." Anderson said.

I nodded and allowed for him to continue. "We think he could be working with Genevieve." So that's what Louis meant. Jesy placed her hand on top of mine, caressing it gently. I glanced over at her and she gave me a slight nod.

"Do you know what his plans are?" I asked.

"As of right now, nothing. Though, both Carter and Tomlinson are working on finding out exactly Genevieve's plans. We want you to stay out of it." Anderson replied. What? I furrowed my brows in confusion, looking between the three of them. "It was upon the request of Jesy." he added.

"No. She's the reason I'm here. I have to be the one to finish her. Not Louis, not Carter." I said. Anderson sighed, knowing that I made a good point without even elaborating. He told me that Ethan was hosting a party and that Genevieve might be there as his date or as a guest.

"You have to keep him distracted for as long as possible." he said. I nodded and the three of us were excused. Jesy had given me the run down about what they planned to do at that party. I was all for it. Though, I had to tell Camille about it.

I went back to my office and ran a hand through my hair, entering. "Louis, a word." I motioned for him to follow me into the kitchen. Louis nodded and entered the kitchen. I told him about the party that Ethan was throwing and that Genevieve may be there as his date or as a guest.

Louis was concerned about whether or not I should go to the party since both Ethan and Genevieve were going to be there, hopefully. I sighed and told him I was more worried about Camille above anyone else.

We chatted a bit more before he had to leave. "Yeah, see you mate." He gave me a hug and quickly nodded towards Camille, then exited the room as the door closed behind him. "What was that about?" Camille asked as I motioned for her to flow me out the door.

We were out in the parking lot and told her about a possible lead on my mum's murder case. I told her about the party that was happening the following Saturday and was told Genevieve was going to be there, but wasn't certain if she was going.

"I'm gonna go to that party to confront her."

"You can't go alone Harry."

"I know. I'm not an idiot. I'm bringing back up, just in case." I explained to her in more detail about the party that Ethan hosts every year and only his closest friends are invited, including his employees. He's also never seen without a date. "You're thinking that date could be Genevieve."

"Could be anyone really, even you. Though, there's a chance they're still together. Anderson, my boss, has set up a plan to easily take the two of them out. He believes that either one of them know who killed my mum."

Camille questioned the plan, thinking that there could be a possible flaw. Jesy, Carter, and I have already talked about those flaws. We went over a few other options, just in case something went wrong. She questioned about Ethan having a plan and I nodded. "We have considered that in our plan and he knows what moves we're going to make, except for one."

There was a long pause between us. Though, she did look like she was expecting to hear what I was going to say and interrupt me before I could say any more. "You're going to have to go with him to the party." I regretted saying that.

I wasn't happy either when Jesy suggested the idea. I wasn't okay with using Camille as bait, but it worked. She would keep Ethan long enough to be distracted and he wouldn't notice the plan in motion. "What?"

"Cam, listen to me. We both know what Ethan really wants and know the game he's trying to play. He wants you for himself and only you. If you go with him, he'll be distracted with thoughts of you and won't know what hit him. It's the only way our plan could possibly work."

"Why am I the bait?" I love it when you question me Camille. You keep making me fall for you each and every day. I took her hand, holding it firmly. "For the same reason that I was." I started the car and began the drive down the street.

"You have to do what ever you can to make Ethan fall for you. He knows about you and I. He's not clueless, unlike some of our friends. He can pick out every possible light and you have to be believable. You make him believe that you and I aren't a thing. Please, do this for me."

She nodded, "I will."

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