~ Him.

His Existance,
His smile,
His eyes,


4. Why?

Sasha's  P.O.V

The minute I stepped out of the bathroom after crying for so long I just couldn't think. I didn't want to stay here. I didn't want to see Shelby or Zach. I just wanted to go home. Don't you ever have the feeling you're not wanted? No matter what you do, you can't change that. I may say my life is better with out friends, but I'm so wrong.

Just thinking about all these girls that  have been friend's for years and staying by each other, sticking up for each other, I desire to have a friend. " Oh how I love to see you miserable. Friends? Ha! You'll never get them, Slut " I blinked. Not wanting to cry in public, I quickly ran out of school. I just ran..and ran..I didn't care where I was going, I didn't want to be here.

I found myself in an alley. " Slut...slut slut.."  The words echoed in my ears. " N-no.." I manage to croak out before falling to my knees in the cold alley. I cried and cried, I wasn't entirely sure of where I was and who was watching, but I didn't care.

I felt warm arms go around me and I looked back, my eyes widened.
Zach's P.O.V

I was looking for her, searching for her. I saw her run out of the school and I wanted to help. I wasn't entirely sure why, I barley know this girl, but she just seems so close to me, I'm not quiet sure how to say it. " N-no.." I heard a familiar voice and I looked to see Sasha crying on her knees crying. It hurt me to see her so upset.

I was about to go to her but some one else had his arms around her. I stopped and my eyes widened when i realized who it was. I ached in pain. Brad.

Sasha  P.O.V

"Wh-what do you....want? " I chocked out. " Sasha I'm here to help..I saw you run out of school, it hurt me to see you in pain. " I felt my heart beat a little faster, but i knew this wasn't true. " G-get away from me.." I pushed him away. He always does this to girls, hes a player, I hate him. " I'm not going to fall for your stupid pity game Brad. You're a player, I see you do this all the time to girls. Nice try, asshole " I said and got up. I didn't want his pity, I didn't want him.

I left the alley, and to my satisfaction he was still sitting on the ground, with his eyes wide open, just staring at a wall. I was so tempted to say " Yeah? Do you feel pain? Well guess what, I don't " But I didn't have the strength to. I began to walk home in satisfaction, and a little bit in pain.

The minute I got home, I ran upstairs and collapsed on my bed, pulling out my little MP3. It had a cracked screen but it still worked, and that's all i cared about. I put my ear buds in my ears and scrolled down to my favorite song, Kiss me Slowly.

" Stay with me baby stay with me"
"Tonight don't leave me alone "

" Walk with me come and walk with me"
" To the edge of all we've ever known"
" I could see you there with the city lights "

" Four tenth floor pale blue eyes "

" I can breathe you in "

" Two shadows, standing by the bedroom door"

" No i could not want you more "

" Than i did, right then "

" As our heads leaned in "

My mind flashed back to Brad and for some reason, my heart raced a little more at the next words.

" Well I'm not sure what this is gonna be"

" But, with my eyes closed, all i can see "

" Is the sky line, through the window "

" Then moon above you, and the streets below "

" Hold my breathe, as your moving in "

" Taste your lips, and feel your skin "

"When the time comes, baby don't run "

" Just kiss me slowly.."




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