~ Him.

His Existance,
His smile,
His eyes,


2. The average school day

Sasha's  P.O.V

The average shitty school day. I think as I walk up the stairs to Phoenix High school. I watch other people collapse into their friend's arms then there's me, typical Sasha Blouse. No friends, no boyfriend, no nothing.

To be honest i kind of enjoy it. I mean, I still get bullied, but I've seen girls go at it from middle school. I've seen the closest of friends be torn apart by something stupid like ' Oh she stole my underwear ' or ' Oh she stole my hair style and 'she stole ONE of my friend's ' Do you think those are big deals? No. 

"God, I just don't get it." I mumble along with a few swear words  before walking into my most favorite class in the world. Not. " Hey Slut " I notice a familiar grin out of the corner of my eye. " Well what do you know,its Brady. You know, I wouldn't be talking when I  have 5 chicks over at the same time " I grin slightly and flip him off walking to my seat in the back.

I listen to a few more of what i call " Compliment's "I just ignore them and push those people aside. I can't wait to get into college and get out of this dumb town, maybe, even out of this state if I get lucky. Who knows? I play with my hair a little bit as the teacher explains the math homework we are having and as she calls on Brady I roll my eyes as he answers in the dumbest way Stupid.

I see some of the desperate girls laugh at his pathetic joke and put my gaze on my work since I already know what I'm doing and get started  " Class we have a new student here today. So if you would please introduce yourself? " I hear my teacher say but I don't bother to look up. Probably just another person  waiting to make fun of me.

I hear a little bit of shuffling " My names Zachary but, people call me Z-zach " He stutters and i look up my gaze stays on him. His shaggy brown haircut complemented ripped jeans and a T-shirt. I shake my head. Its not like I would ever have a chance with him anyways, why look him up and down like this?

" Well if you will just take a seat by Ms.Blouse " I sigh and he shuffles over to the seat next to me and sits down. I can't help but look at him again. His eyes are a ocean blue and I don't know why but he seems really nervous. He's scratching at his wrists a lot and then I notice the scars on his wrists. My eyes widen and he looks at me noticing that I noticed his scars and he mumbles something and hides his wrists.


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