~ Him.

His Existance,
His smile,
His eyes,


3. Strange feelings

Zachs P.O.V

" Shit..." I mumble under my breath as the girl next to me notices my scars. She had her gaze glued on me, her eyes widened after a few moments. She looks away and stares at her paper. I didn't know what to do or what to say. Good job Zach, first day at a new school and you already Fucked up.


Sasha's P.O.V

After awhile I had to turn my gaze away. I didn't want to make him uncomfortable. I stared at my paper instead, a million questions wanting to be answered by this  guy except it's none of my business. Ugh. But I want to know. I turned my gaze to him again. He was working, his wrists still hidden underneath his desk.I bit my bottom lip and went back to work.

After class ended I picked up my things and made my way out of class, the usual " compliments " thrown at me. I still couldn't get my mind off of the new guy Zach. I believe he cuts but why? He seems perfectly fine. I kept walking down the hall, being shoved and pushed into lockers.

I had to ask but how? I know...I can't that's how. I mumble another swear word under my breath, thinking about the scars on his wrists. I begin to scratch at mine, my bottom lip quivering a little.

" Oh little Sasha, wanting to cut again? Feel the satisfaction of blood running down your wrists?"  I looked around wondering where that voice was coming from " What? seeing another person hurt themselves just kills you doesn't it? Slut."

That word played again in my mind and i stopped dead in my tracks the voice Laughed at me in satisfaction " W-who are you? " I asked and went into the bathroom so no one would hear me " My my, very stupid you are. Cant you tell, Sasha. " The voice cooed and i backed up to the wall.

I was confused and scared, the voice stopped. I was in the corner sitting holding my head in my hands " W-why? " I managed to croak out and then i heard a snort " Haha, looks like the slut is crying " I looked up to see Shelby, the most popular girl in the school. " No--" I was about to say when I felt hot tears run down my cheeks. I had no idea I was crying. " What? Cat caught your tongue? " She spit out and I looked at the ground, unable to answer.

So I just tried to get up and leave but I was pushed down by Shelby's friends. I knew exactly what was coming next. I put my arms up in defense as i felt someone's finger go under my chin " Your pathetic, Slut , and I think that Zach guy is too " Shelby hissed and i looked at her. " You don't even know him you dumb bitch.." My eyes widened. Did I just say what I think I said? " What?.." Shelby hissed again " Is Ms.Slut falling for someone? Oh, how adorable. It will never happen, Slut. Your domain is fucking random guys " I felt my hair on my arms go up and Shelby's cold hand crashing against my cheek.

" Now listen here Slut, and listen closely. Don't ever call me dumb bitch again, you got it? " She spit  at me and I nodded. Her friends laughed and Shelby left with a grin on her face.I curled up into the corner more. " When can this life end? " I sniffled.


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