~ Him.

His Existance,
His smile,
His eyes,


6. Authors Note again~~ Sorry!!

Do you ever get that feeling when your around someone special to you? Do you ever just want to yell or scream at them? When i started to write this story I was in love at the time..But, it was false love..Zach left me. I know I'll most likely either get hate from this authors note or something else, but, that's okay I just wanted to say this book will not be completed. I may start another one but, I don't know. Like some people I'm still learning from my heart breaks and mistakes in life. I'm still growing up, I have met another guy his name is Chris and the promises we make and the love we share is unbelievable. I'm scared to be honest, after this heart break I didn't think i could pick myself up again, with the bullies and stuff going on I just wanted to die you know? But, don't we all sometimes? Chris has changed my life so far, how I act, I go to school more, and I'm not afraid to stand up for myself anymore. He's not perfect to many girls and to be honest that's fine with me because he's perfect to me. Chris has provided many things for me..and done many things for me..I just wish i could re pay him some how. So anyways, enough about me. This book is over and done with I hope you readers enjoyed the book ~Him~ I know it wasn't famous but, I don't write stories so people notice me. I write them because I can get stuff off my mind easily and when I have an idea I can put it on here. Goodbye Readers.

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