~ Him.

His Existance,
His smile,
His eyes,


1. Pain, satifaction, and Believing

Unknown P.O.V

I sit in my room, around midnight. My cat curled up in my arms and watch out my window,

crying. I was alone and I knew  that these mistakes I made are my fault. I wish i could fix those mistakes, go back in time...you know?

Probably not.

My names Sasha Blouse, my past is the things I wish I could change. Everyday I regret my life. Why am I here? I ask as I sit in my room staring out my window, my cat purring in my arms.

I pet her softly and  feel hot tears roll down my cheeks. My favorite book in my  hand opened to a dog-eared  page,  a  sentence underlined " My opinion is that believing is stronger than seeing..."

 I'm in pain, I cut, I get bullied, and its all my fault. I feel more tears build up and I try to fight them but they forcefully come out. My cat runs away as I feel my hands roll up into fists.

" I-i am so sick of this life...why?!?! " I punch the wall beside me and my fist aches in pain. I really don't care. I punch the wall again in satisfaction, watching the warm red liquid ooze out of my knuckles.

I wake up the next day to my alarm going off and sigh " Another shitty day of school.." I mumble and get up seeing a lot of blood on my bed and cuts up and down my arms. I sigh as I drag myself to my closet and pull out a long sleeved sweater, and slip it on with pants that have a hole on each side on my thigh's and walk into my bathroom getting ready for another shitty school day.

    Hey guys this is my first actual "working hard "love story if you want more please comment. Thanks for the support.

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