love at first sight

when a girl named Emily meats her idol Andy Beisack she falls in love ... there's just one problem Ashley likes her as well.... nothing can stop LOVE AT FIRST SIGHT.


1. meet and greet

Emily's P.O.V

I was listening to new years day on my phone, the day my best friend Libby got me the tickets. As I opened the packet, the paper cut my finger turning the crisp white package to a deep blood red. However I still carried on opening it.

"Oh My God are they ..... are they meet and greets ??" I asked

" Yes they are," replied Libby.

I must of looked like a complete fool, as I was jumping up an down in the middle of the mall.


I have been going through a lot lately with school, including bulling, GCSE's, counselling and lots of other stuff but Libby has been there for me. also the band music has as well it made me realise that pop is not me there music is as well as pierce the veil , asking Alexandra and sleeping with sirens. but the one song by black veil brides that helped me was LOST IT ALL! 



'authors note'**********************************************************************************************

the whole bottom paragraph is real and true except from names of characters. writing this fan fic really gets my emotions out so thank you for everyone who reads this as you have made my life a whole lot better........... more coming soon .......

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