The Light in The Darkness

Katie is just an ordinary teenager with problems. But what people don't know about her is there not your every day teenage problems her's go way deep. Katie's dad left when she was a little girl and ever since that day her mother changed and not for the better...
What happens when a mysterious boy starts school and takes interest in Katie. What will happen when her mum finds out? Will Katie finally have her happily ever after ?


2. Mystery Boy

Chapter 2

School was boring so when the last bell went signalling the end of school I was almost grateful. I slowly made my way to my locker and gathered my things making my way out of school and towards the ‘Clear Blue Café ‘down the street where I worked. When I walked inside the familiar smell of coffee and food hit me immediately making me smile. I made my way to the back where I replaced my school bag for an apron and note pad ready to work. I loved working here the people where funny and always made me feel welcome, I remembered the first time I came here with my dad and we laughed and made jokes the whole time. Thinking of that day made tears appear in my eyes; I wiped them away and made my way to the front counter. 

Time went by gradually but I was happy that it did I didn’t want to go home and see my mum, I wasn’t in the mood to get in a fight over nothing, heck I didn’t even know half of what was happening when we’re fighting. It mainly consisted of me coming home and my mum making some reason to hit me, if there was a reason. Just as I was day dreaming about leaving home and getting far away from my mum the little bell rang signalling someone had entered the café. I looked up to be met with those same brown eyes I saw this afternoon, without me realising a small smile started to appear on my lips causing him to grin in response.

“Well hello there, Katie” Liam said walking up to the counter.

“Hey” I said a bit too happily, which only made his smile grow.

“I didn’t know you worked here” He said a hint of mischief in his voice.

“Well you did just move here” I told him a little confused with his statement.

“Well that’s true” He said bluntly. After a few minutes of silence I decided to ask if he wanted anything.

“Umm, did you want something” I said questioning the real reason he came here.

“Oh, umm right. I’ll just get a cappuccino no sugar” He said. I made my way to the coffee machine and made his coffee.

“Here you go. That’ll be $3.50” I said passing him the cup.

“Here. Keep the change” He said handing me a $5 bill. I looked up to see him staring at me smiling.

“I’ll see you around?” He asked hopefully.

“Sure, I mean we do go to the same school. Right” That only made him smile more.

“Yeah, I guess we do” And with that made his way to the door only to stop once he got there. He turned around making sure I looked right at him and winked before exiting the café.

After Liam had left I looked up to see that it was time to close. I quickly finished cleaning and locked the door making my way home. With each step I took my heart sank a little more knowing what was ahead of me when I reached home.

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