The Light in The Darkness

Katie is just an ordinary teenager with problems. But what people don't know about her is there not your every day teenage problems her's go way deep. Katie's dad left when she was a little girl and ever since that day her mother changed and not for the better...
What happens when a mysterious boy starts school and takes interest in Katie. What will happen when her mum finds out? Will Katie finally have her happily ever after ?


3. House From Hell

Chapter 3

As I turned the corner onto my street I could see that my mum hadn’t come home. A wave of relief washed through me as I quickly mad my way home and closed the door behind me, making sure I wasn’t just dreaming and my mum really wasn’t home. I went upstairs and quickly changed my cloths walking down to the kitchen to make a snack before walking back up to my room.

A little while later I heard my mum’s car pull up into the driveway and instantly felt my heart sink to the bottom of my stomach. The front door opened and closed with a loud thump making my shudder. I heard footsteps eco through the house as my mother made her way upstairs instantaneously making me move far away from my bedroom door knowing what was coming for me. This always happened every day after work my mum would come home and beat me letting all her emotions run wild. Today was going to be worse I felt it in my bones. She was furious I knew it her boss probably made her work late today and didn’t give her any other choice. I was going to get it today and I knew she wouldn’t care about marking my face this time.

My bedroom door flew open causing me to jump back and hit the wall behind me, my mother stood in the door more frantic than usual. Her face heated so much she looked like her head was going to explode and smoke was going to come pouring out of her ears.

“You little b**ch” She shrieked making my ears ring, but I didn’t dare move a muscle knowing it would only make things worse. My mother pounced at me grabbing my arm and throwing me forward, I tripped falling to the ground with a thump. She bent down laughing, a sound that made all the blood run out of me leaving me frozen in place unable to move or think.

“You’re going to get it today.” She said with a devilish smile plastered on her lips.

You think you’re so smart going to school, getting a job. You don’t know anything” She screamed voice full of hatred and disgust.

At that moment her fist connected with my face causing my head to swing back from the sudden impact. I didn’t have time to look up before her other fist came swinging into my chest allowing all the breath to run out of me. It didn’t stop there though my mother kicked me in the stomach so hard I heard a crack and a sudden stab of pain ran through my body. I took a sharp breath and couldn’t stop the shriek that came out of my mouth. My mother kicked me again only this time harder causing me to groan as the pain got worse.

“You think that hurts, you just wait you haven’t got anything yet” I heard my mother’s voice say faintly hearing the sound of footsteps in the distance. I knew it couldn’t be true she hadn’t stopped that easily but I couldn’t feel anything, slowing lifting my head I felt a sharp stabbing of pain but looked to  see that my mother was nowhere in sight the beating stopped. Or so I hoped, my mother walked in then a bat in hand and a smile so evil my heart stopped. 

“You thought you were going to get out of this that easy” Laughter filled the room and echoed off the walls. I shuddered as goose bumps formed all over my body. Every step my mother took caused me to die inside, I tried to move but the pain in my chest only got worse. Seeing me my mother laughed stopping in front of me and bring the bat up behind her back ready to swing.

With every blow to my body I screamed in pain begging for her to stop or that one more hit will end my life, but it only made my mum laugh and beat me harder.

“That’ll teach you a lesson to not mess with me. Next time I’ll use a knife cutting you but not enough to kill you I want you to feel every last ounce of pain” Laughing my mother walked away leaving me there bleeding and crying out in pain begging for someone to just end my life.

My head ringing as my mother’s laughter echoed through my head over and over as she beat me until I didn’t hear anything allowing my body to give in and get swallowed by the darkness.    

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