Hurts like heaven (pewdiecry fanfic)

Cry has a hard time with alcohol. Will he survive?


1. Wine

Hi i'm new here. Please tell me what you think about the story. Thanks 😜.

Cry's p.o.v

Hi friend. I guess this story is about me. Ha. Just saying my life isn't a perfect life. It's pretty far from perfect. Well let me tell you a little about myself. My name is Cry. Well it's a nickname but I wont tell you my real name. It's too risky. Anyway, here in my shitty apartment I live with the only nice thing in my life. My brother, Nathan.

He's the sweetest guy in the world and he deserves so much better than this. Anyway thats enough about me, let's get on with the story. I stood up from my couch walking into the one bedroom I had given to Nate. "Hey Nate! You need help with homework?" I asked, even though I never graduated. "No it's ok, I'm almost done!" He replied in his usual cheerful voice.

I smiled and walked back to my couch for my usual 9 pm pizza and wine. Some pizza cause I needed to eat and some wine cause I needed to forget. Nate knew about my drinking. He helped me. But I just couldn't stop. It was too painful without the alcohol.

I picked up the phone and drowsily called dominos pizza. I picked up my cheap boxed wine and poured myself a glass. Quickly swallowing the bitter liquid, I poured myself another glass. After a few minutes and several glasses later the doorbell buzzed and I heard Nate running out to open the door. That little angel.

He quickly ran into the room with the pizza and placed it on the table. I stood up and murmured a slurred thank you. Suddenly I felt horrible. Like my intestines were on fire. I suddenly started coughing and after the third cough a big batch of blood came out. I heard Nate scream in suprise.

"Nate.. Call 911." I managed to mutter before passing out. I don't want to go. I'm too young. Nate can't survive on his own. This is too early.

Yeah thats my chapter.

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