Hurts like heaven (pewdiecry fanfic)

Cry has a hard time with alcohol. Will he survive?


3. Help

Hi another chapter.

Cry's p.o.v

I only see darkness. Pure darkness. You know that darkness that lies on your chest and makes you choke? This is that kind of darkness. I couldn't feel my body at all. Was I dead? Was this what happened when you died? Just complete darkness? Like this forever? Oh well. At least Nate's ok.

Nate. Oh god Nate. The more I think about him the more I miss him. No more hugs? No more silly conversations at midnight? No idiotic homework help? No Nate? No Nate? NO NATHAN?! I needed to cry, but I couldn't. The pain was extreme.

No Cry! Try to wake up! Maybe you're not dead! You can't be dead! WAKE UP!

I slowly tried to move anything. I tried searching the darkness to find light. No sucess. Just when I was about to give up I heard a voice. The voice of an angel. "Please hold on a little longer. Please sir. Please...Cry." A voice gently told me. I didn't regonize the voice. It wasn't Nate. But I trusted the voice.

I pushed my way through the darkness and finally saw something in the distance. A light. I struggled and fought getting closer and closer to the light. The voice kept reasuring me with small murmurs of; "Please keep fighting." And "You will be alright."

I finally reached the light after what seemed like hours. With my last strength I pushed my eyes open. There leaning over me was a blond haired guy with twinkleing blue eyes. I looked to my left and saw Nate sleeping in a chair next to the hospital bed I was lying in.

I looked back at the blond haired guy. "Are you an angel?" I asked groggily, my voice slurred. He laughed. His laughter was the most heart warming sound in the world. "No, I'm Felix." He said with a slight swedish accent.

Yeah bad chapter. Oops. #YOLO (once again I have said that.)

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