Hurts like heaven (pewdiecry fanfic)

Cry has a hard time with alcohol. Will he survive?


2. Angel

Hi second chapter ermahgerd!

Pewds p.o.v

I can't wait till my shifts over! I haven't seen Marzia all day and I miss her so much. I stood up slowly and walked over to the alarm. Suddenly the alarm blared and I picked up the phone. "Yes 911 who is this?" I quickly asked. "I'm Nate. brother started coughing up blood and then he fainted." The boy calling said. "Ok where do you live?" I replied. "21, Angnaima street." The boy quickly said. " Don't worry we're on our way." I reasured him.

I quickly put down the phone and located the house.


I ran up to the door along with Ken and Minx. I saw a younger boy standing by the doorway crying. I quickly ran in seeing a masked man passed out on the couch. His shirt and the floor was covered in blood. I quickly picked him up. (Bridal style of course) I heard the boy asking Ken if he could go with his brother. Ken of course let him go.

I ran downstairs and placed the guy on a carrier. We all quickly entered the ambulance and Minx quickly drove towards the hospital. "So what happened." I asked the boy Nate. "He..he was drinking wine and..and then he coughed up blood and f..fainted." Nate stammered. "Hmm. I think he may have alcohol poisoning." I murmured half to myself.

"Minx you need to hurry up. We need to get him to the hospital NOW!" I almost yelled at Minx. I took a deep breath and then turned to Nate again. " So what's his name?" I quietly asked Nate. "Cry." He quickly replied. Cry? Thats an odd name.

I looked over at the poor guy. His brown hair was medium long and covered part of his mask. He was very skinny and had a very slim body shape. Almost like a kid. The mask he was wearing looked like it was made out of porcelain (idk) and had what looked like a poker face on it. I could see that his shirt was blue even though it was covered in blood.

For the rest of the ride I kept my eyes fixed on his chest making sure he was breathing. I don't know what happened but I suddenly felt an urge to protect him no matter what. Something about him seemed special...

Yeah another chapter! Lol nobodys reading this! #YOLO

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