"Is it chance, or fate that brought me to you?"

Sienna Mathews finally meets her soul-mate, and he brings colour into her world - literally.
But Christian isn't interested in falling in love, not now, and not ever.

What will it take to break his walls?


1. Today

I hope today is the day

 I thought while I walked through a crowd of men – all between the ages of eighteen to twenty two. The government figured that was the most likely age group for him to be in.

I smiled at a few of the guys but nothing changed – my world stayed colourless.


Then the world changed suddenly…

And I gasped, gripping onto the nearest person and screaming. “Stop” at the top of my lungs.

The whole sidewalk froze immediately, and all the men in the area shyly raised their hands.

But they weren’t the one I saw.

A young boy wearing a black jacket was walking away, his hands pulled his hood over his raven black hair as he rounded the corner.


I don’t think I’ve ever run so fast in my entire life.


“Hey, guy, stop” I asked breathlessly when I finally caught up to the hoodie boy.

He finally stopped; pressing a button on his headphones he turned his electric blue eyes on me expressionless, waiting.

“Oh” I sighed and raised my hand, hesitantly touching his hair in a truly awkward moment.

I shook my head and smiled, thrusting out my hand. “I’m Sienna”

The blue-eyed boy raised his pierced eye-brow and took my hand in his. “Christian”


I think we might have stood there all day, except for the crowd which stared at us.

They knew that the world had turned to colour the second the hooded boy had walked past me.

They knew, just as I did, that he was my soul-mate.


Somehow, in our evolution, girls had become completely colour-blind. Except for the moment when the girl met her soul-mate, this interaction would cause the chemical Fillister to surge throughout the body and repair the eyes.

The basics where, when you met your soul-mate, the world would suddenly and inexplicitly become filled with colour.

And here he was, the man that had brought colour into my life.

“Are you going to let go?” He asked and I stared at him without comprehension before I realized he wanted me to let go of his hand.

“Oh, sorry” I said blushing and removed my hand from his.

Christian turned away, stuffing his hands in his pockets and pressing the button which brought his music back to the blaring volume it had been before I saw him.

“Wait.” I said, matching his strides and walking beside him, conscious of the stares around us.

He stopped and turned to me again, crossing his arms in front of his chest.

“Do you….want to come over?” I asked, and he shrugged, but seemed to follow me nonetheless.

I peered at him underneath my lashes. He was good looking, with black hair which almost had a blue tint, a pieced eyebrow and electric blue eyes. He was slender but not overly so, he had on a dark blue shirt tucked into his jeans and his hoodie was buttoned over that.

And then there was me – blond hair tumbled down my back in soft curls, my long sleeved white v-neck shirt was tucked into my black jeans and a small jade pendant hung just above my shirt, matching the colour of my eyes precisely.

Christian had the ‘bad-boy’ look down to a T, but I got this vibe from him and I knew he was soft inside; he just needed someone to break down his walls.

He needed me; he just didn’t know it yet.


                                                                   . . .


“Leanne, I’m home” I called when I came home, letting Christian follow me into my two story house.

“You call your mum by her first name?” He asked as he stared at my house.

When you entered you had the lounge and dining room the left as well as the kitchen which was hidden away, and the stairs directly in front, down the hallway was the study and terrace. Upstairs was my room and mum and dad’s room.

“I’m adopted, so she tells me to call her by her first name” I shrugged and guided Christian into the kitchen where my mother was busy cooking up some kind of roast dinner.

“Hey mum” I smiled and hugged her from behind.

She turned smiling, only to falter when she saw my guest.

“Sienna, you didn’t tell me we had a guest” She smiled thinly and smoothed her perfectly tailored red shirt and black skirt.

My adoptive parents were pretty much made of money, and I rarely had a complaint in the world.

“I was getting to that” I smiled and motioned to Christian. “Mum this is Christian, I met him today.”

I tried to telepathically tell her what I meant. And she seemed to understand immediately.

“Oh my!” She huffed, and hurriedly fixed her hair and presented and immaculately manicured nail which Christian shook with hesitance.

“I’m Leanne, and I’m pleasured to meet you” My mother smiled and I sighed.

Hey eyes assessed him, and turned a displeasured gaze my way – as if it was my fault that my body had chosen him as the one.

“We’re just going to go out the back ok?” I sighed, gripped Christians arm and dragging him into the backyard where remnants of my childhood remained.

There was a mossy tree-house and tyre swing, as well as a small sandpit and trampoline.

I climbed onto my trampoline and lay down, covering my face with my arm to block the sun.

“I’m really sorry about that” I sighed

“Why?” He asked and I removed my arm to look at him, sitting uncomfortable near the edge with his legs crossed.

“Because she was embarrassing” I sighed.

He chuckled, and smoothed his hair with a hand. “Most mothers are.” He supplied and I laughed.

“Is yours like that too?” I asked and he shrugged.

“I don’t know.” His voice was sad and my heart clenched automatically.

I sat up and moved closer to him.

“Want to talk about it?” I asked and he tilted his head, eyes questioning.

“No-one’s ever asked me that before” I tried to smile, and motioned with my hand for him to continue.

“My mum died when I was young” His eyes stared at everything and nothing, and I had the feeling he was reliving the moment.

“How?” I asked quietly, watching as the sun slowly made its way past the horizon.

“Suicide” Was all he supplied before I pulled him into a bone-crushing hug.

“Oh Christian” I said, and patted his hair before letting go.

“You didn’t say you’re sorry.” He reminded me with a tight lipped smile.

“Sorry doesn’t always make it better” I said sincerely.


Christian looked at me, with a weird expression in his eyes before he shook his head and jumped off the trampoline with a quick look to the lowering sun.

“I have to go, I’ll come by before school tomorrow OK.”

He didn’t give me a chance to answer before he bound off, exiting through the house the way I had shown him.


I sat on the trampoline until my mum called me inside for dinner, and even though she asked me questions I don’t think I answered her.

The boy was working his way into my heart little by little and it was marvelous.

And the world – I couldn’t get enough of the colour, the sun being yellow, and the grass being green – who would have known that the grass would be green.

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