Eye Of The Tiger

| WARRIOR CATS FAN FICTION BASED ON MY CAT AS THE MAIN CHARACTER | Timmy is just your average house cat, sort of. He is a complete psychopath. He loves to hunt and play and be outdoors. But one day one of the clans discover this cat, and thats when all hell breaks loose.


1. Prologue


I was born with 2 brothers and 1 sister. There was a mother human and 2 smaller children. Every 2 weeks a teen human would be were I lived. I loved her dearly. As I grew older, my brothers and sister left. With their own Humans. But I was the last kitten left. The girl I later found out was named Kate, and she took me home with her. I could smell her scent everywhere, so it felt as if I was safe and had lived there all my life. There was another cat, her name was Pomagranit. She didnt like me that much but I was determined for her to play with me.

When I reached the age of 1 in human years, all was fine and I was happy. In the moon humans call October, my life switched upside down.

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