Happily and stronger

read it you'll lover it


2. seeing harry

We get to Harrys apartment two days after the brake up. Zayn and I have cached up.  He is has told me all time he has spent with Kirra. By the sounds of it he has a little crush on her. I mean what I am saying his guy is madly in love with her. He told me last night he is asking her out tonight when she gets home. We walk into the elevator. He asked me if I am nervous. I nod. We knock on the door and Niall answers and smiles big when he sees me.   I ran into the apartment and asked where is harry he says he is in his bedroom he replies. I ran to his bedroom and Harry was sitting on the bed putting his pants on he stands up and starts to run up to me but he falls over his pants half why down his legs. I couldn’t help but laugh. He says it’s not funny and I ran up to him and helped him up. Then I did something I never thought I would be doing for a million years. I kissed him. He kissed me back and says “I have waited three fucking long years for this moment.’’ I giggled. “Well I am now yours if you will take me?” he kisses my lips and in twined our fingers he steers at me and says “of cause I lov….” Then Niall walks in and steers at me. He then runs away. “Shit” I hear Harry mumble under his breath.

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