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3. loved you frist

“Niall” I yell running after him. He keeps running and then he stops and steers at me. He is crying. “What’s wrong?” I asked him. “I loved you first” he says crying. I look in shook. “What do you mean ‘you loved me first’” I ask. He just steers at me. “What do you mean you loved me first?” I say a little louder. “Ok let me explain” I nod, “But not here at your place” he nods. We get into the evaluator and it’s a quit ride up. Niall’s apartment is only two floors up from Harry’s. We get into his apartment, it hasn’t changed a bit. His walls still green, all the same funchicher was there but I notice one thing different there was a new wardrobe beside the L shaped couch.  I look at him “So going to explain what you mean loved me first?”



****NIALL’S POV****


“OK, I loved you first means that I had stronger feeling before Harry. I was just scared to show it. He started to have big feelings for you when you two well… became best friends; I have loved from the first moment I laid eyes on you. I just thought you were so perfect. You in your Beatles top with green sweatpants on and you blue eyes shining in the moon light and your hair that was tied in a messy bun. I still remember how we meet too. It was the 23rd of November 2009 and we were both suck under the bus stop and every bus keep on stoping thinking we were getting on. We were suck under the bus stop because it was pouring down with rain, I remember how you said you hate the rain and wish it never rained and we talked about the thing we liked. I gave you my number and you gave me yours it was the happiest day of my life. Every time I got a texted I hoped it would be from you and that you would want me back but then you meet harry. And well you too started to talk more I got jealous of how close you to where and when you started to go out my heart just snack. You were the only girl I ever really truly madly deeply loved. Ella” WOW! I thought to myself s I finish opening up to Ella.  “I-I-I….”she stood there shuddering. “I have to go now; Liam and Harry are probably wandering where I am. “And then with that she left. I can’t believe that I really just told her how I felt. Oh well I know she want feel the same way about. I know she wouldn’t have left like that and probably never will.  


After that I went to bed, thinking what she was doing now. I got out of my pants and toke off my shirt and had a shower. In the shower I heard a loud bang. So I turn the shower off and tight a towel around my waste.  I slowly walk out and go into my just recently reinvented kitchen. I stood there in shook seeing who it was…. It was Kirra, Ella’s best friend.  She was beautiful standing there with her hair toughed up in a messy bun and wearing a 5SOS tank top with blue factor tracksuit pants. I don’t really like girls who over do make up and always try their best to look good. “What are you doing here.’’ I asked her. “Making the guy I have to talk to dinner or do you not want baked sweet potato and hamburgers with my special homemade cookies?”  “Oh yes I love your sweet potatoes and hamburgers but mostly those cookie yummy!” I reply with my mouth watering.  But then I freeze. What does she have to talk to me about? Why does she just tell me now? “You might want to go and get the rest of the soap out of your hair and put some pants on” I then laugh a little looking down at me. I was still just wrapped in just my green towel. 

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