Happily and stronger

read it you'll lover it


4. i wish

I got dressed and walked into the kitchen seeing Kirra standing there with two yummy burgers and three baked sweet potatoes on one plate and one on the other. “I made it how you like it. With the meat in the middle three piece of cheese with one on top, one in the middle melted on top of the meat another on the bottom. The lectures under the meat and the tomato on top of the melted cheese but most importantly no pickles. And for the potatoes soft but not too soft and a little bit of Nando’s hot souse.” She said standing at the bench with a big smile on her face. “Wow you remembered how I like it but why would do that when we haven’t seen each other in 18 months?” I say to her.  “So you wanted to talk to me?” I asked her. Then she asked me for my guitar and I gave it to her, I could not believe what she then played. The first note played and she sang… I wish by us (one direction).  She sang the words and I felt like something had just kicked me in the heart saying she loves you like you love Ella.  When she finished I saw a tear fall down her face. I walk up to her and ask what is wrong. “I love you as much as you love Ella. But I know you will never love as much as I love you so I don’t know why I am here I just had to see you. These past eighteen months have been hell for me. I wake up every morning wish you were there besides me and you’re not.” She cries. I then give her a hug and say “I’ll pick you up at eight tomorrow night”. She then stops crying and look up at me. “P-prudent” she shudders. “I’ll pick you up at eight tomorrow night. I should give you ago and maybe I might feel the same way about you just maybe’’ I answer her, I really do like Kirra. I mean what’s not to like, she’s beautiful, funny, caring and loving. “O-okay” she say giving me a worried look, but I can tell she was happy.    

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