Happily and stronger

read it you'll lover it


1. Dirty little secrets


****ELLA’S POV****



I wake up and see Ryan snoring. His blonde hair covers his gorgeous brown eyes.  He then he says “Are you watching me sleep?”  I giggle a little and shake my head. He then ask me to make him breakfast. I nodded and sigh. It was nothing new for him to ask for me to make him breakfast. I roll out of bed hitting the floor.  He just laughs and says “can you make pancakes?” “Yes” I reply rubbing my back because it was sore from when I fell out of bed. Ryan and I had been tougher for three years now tomorrow will be our fourth year anarvereary. He was going to take me to a nice restruntent where we meet.  I pick myself off the floor and head into the kitchen and start making the pancakes. When Ryan walked into the kitchen with an angry look on his face.  “What’s wrong?” I ask him.   He just sits there and starts at me. I feel scared and terrified. Why is he pissed? What did I do wrong? Once we finish eating I head into our room to get dressed and I hear a British ascent and turn around. “Zayn,” I wispier. He stands there frowning at me. Zayn is my ex-best friend. He walks up to me and starts to cry. I hadn’t spoken to him scene he found out I was going out with Ryan.  I asked him why was I crying and he told me to call Ryan. By this time he would be at work. I pull my phone off charge and pick it up I dial his phone number in and he answers but I don’t he his voice. All I hear is a girl’s voice she says “who is this I have to get back to kissing my boyfriend and me say put Ryan on. She groans and puts him on and he say hello. I yell at him what does she mean her boyfriend?” he asked with a “oh I forgot to tell you were over your too ugly to be my gf so I am braking up with up you!”  I start to cry and hang up. I run into Zayn’s arms he asked me if I want to stay with him. I nodded.  I turned and started to pack up things he sked me how had I been. I shrug “considering I just got told I was too ugly to be Ryan’s girlfriend and I was just dumped over the phone yeah I am fine what about you?” he nods and he says “Harry still loves you” I smiled. He looks at me and asks me “Do you still love him?” “Want to see him” I say, trying to avoid the question when truth is told yes I do still love Harry. He nods 

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