Stay With Me

When Bella is alone in life and is at her lowest point, she meets a guy. He changed her life, he made her happy, she smiled, she laughed. She couldn't sleep without thinking if him. But when he finds someone else what will happen? Find out in 'Stay With Me'


1. chapter 1

Bella's P.O.V

Why me!? It's always me! I say to myself, hi I'm Bella a depressed 17 year old girl. I have long brown hair and as my mom says "crystal blue" eyes.

I have no friends, no one has ever liked me. I have always a asked why. I see everyone at school laughing and talking to their friends and I just sit back and try not to cry.

It all started when I was five, my dad was abusive, and a drunk. He always would hit me when my mom was at work. When one day my mom came home with me laying on the ground barley moving she assumed it was him. He moved at when I was 7. After my mom found a new guy, he was great. Except for the fact he had a son my age who would tease me. When I was 13 I was walking to school when a kid pushed me in front of a car, he said I didn't deserve to live. I was declared died for 1 minute. I would of been happy died. When I was 15 a girl named Rachel bullied me, I would come home every night and cut, I still do today. I have completing covered my body. When I was 17 I lost my mom, to cancer. I really had a hard time going through that. She was the only person who loved me.

Thai year, everyone hated me. I never talked, just listened. Realizing that I have nothing to live for, what's the point. I was trapped in hell and couldn't get out.

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