A Mask

A mask, we hide behind them our whole life's. Only seeing our family's faces. But will one girl change that.


1. Harry is the name

As I grab my mask I look at my face. Your face is something you'll hardly ever see, until one day.

As Delliah and I get into the cab to be taken to the ball of thirteens I saw something out of the corner of my eye. A man, in a tuxedo, not wearing a mask...

"Nixie, we are at the ball."Delliah says as she gets out.

As I get out I stare at the door. Today I will get matched with my partner, and get my first job.

"You ready?"Delliah says as she grabs my hand.

"I'm ready."I say as we open the doors, joy is all around the room girls and boys are dancing around the room. As we grab our envelopes we get pulled away by our friends.

"So who is your match?"Rose asks,

I open the envelope to find that it says Harry.

"Jonas."Delliah says as she looks at me, "What's your's Nix?"

"Harry... I've never seen him before."I say with a frown on my face.

"I got Ryan."Cleo says like I never said anything.

"I got Harry."I say again.

"Your so lucky Cleo! I got Josh."Rose says ignoring me.

"I got Harry."I say as I walk away, who is Harry anyway?

I look farther into the envelope I got Dancer for my job. At least those dance lessons weren't a waste, I got a job I liked!

"Um have you seen a girl named Nixie?"A man wearing a purple mask asks.

"I'm Nixie are you Harry?"I say as I look at him.

"Yea. We got matched... What's your job?"He asks me in response.

"Dancer, you?"



"Uh, wanna dance?"


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