When I Go

When I go
I will stay long gone.


3. Where Is Home?

Our little quaint village known for a passerby hot spot. Mostyn is right smack dab in the middle of a forest, so basically, nowhere. Yet, because how disclosed we are, it makes people walk from miles to check it out. 


It is funny though, we don't offer anything special, we are not known for anything, nor have any attractions. It seems that wanderers don't know that and still show up thinking they struck gold. I guess curiosity really does kill the cat because when guests arrive they find out that this place is just a run down pile of...


"Shit." I whisper to myself as I step in a deep puddle. 


Water filled my left boot and some splashed on my leggings. It is really a wonder how I didn't loose a foot in there. I wiggle my leg out in hopes of an easy solution to the problem. When that doesn't work I just stomp on my way to Terho's house shack thing. 


Terho's shack is not only a store, but also it is his house. He lives there with another man named Marcello. He claims their relationship is strictly professional, but we all know what goes on behind closed curtness. I love to visit the boys when I go for my walks. I swear they talk to me more than my parents.  


"Knock knock fellas!" I shout as I open their door. I come here so often that I don't need to actually knock on the door.   

Jar and rock in one hand I slam the wooden door shut with a sigh. The place is pretty dark even with a few candles lit. 


"Ah, Miss. Eleanor long time no see!" 


"I swear you call me that on purpose," I turn around to face him and wiggle my finger, "Derho."


"Hey, it may be a middle one but it is still your name!" Terho stood behind his bar table rearranging goods of all sorts. 


He bent down and launched back up and slapped a clear coper liquid on the table. He may be in his late forties, but he still has some quick moves left in him. His eyebrow raises at me and pats his hand on the table next to the drink. 


"Your favorite." 


I shook my body like a dog to rid the feeling of wetness and pulled out a chair from under the bar counter. 

"Where is you main?" I say as I situate myself in the hard seat. 


I watch as his face twists in confusion at the word "main." I laugh.


"I mean, where is Marcello?" 


"Ah yes, I believe he is taking what he calls a "siesta." 


"He must not be taking a good one, I thought he was terrified by storms." I take a large swig out of the bottle and watch Terho drop what he was doing and run to where the actual house starts. I ship it. 


I get out of my seat leaving the bottle and my jar on the counter to go in the screen room. This room is just a bunch of chicken wire in replace of windows. Today it seems they put up a plastic to block the rain from coming in. I love looking out in our village. This place may not have a good view, but it has a perfect view of what I want. The Winther's shed. 


There was a creak from behind me and a huff. I look back to see a droopy-eyed Italian wrapped around a red-faced Terho. 


"He was shaking when I found him," Terho pulled out a stool and placed Marcello on top, "Maple are you looking at the shed again?" 


"I can dream!" I shout jokingly. Terho knows more than anyone how much I want to just take their shed and make my own business stand out of it.  


"Why don't you come and sit down, then bore Marcello back to sleep with your plans." 


I laughed because not only did I know he was joking, but because I've told both of them my plans a thousand times over. My plan for that thing was simple. Grow and sell flowers of all sorts there. 


"See! Now people will show up here and not be disappointed! They would want my flowers and our place will be so pretty that they won't leave!" Every time I talk about "Maple's Maple" (patent pending) I have to stand up, and when I am really into it, my arms go flying. Apparently, that helps me talk out loud.  


"Don't forget the part about traveling the world to get said flowers." Marcello's head was covered by his arms, and his face lay on the table. He talked slowly with his eyes shut, as he was still trying to recuperate from the storm. I caught Terho smiling down at him in such a way that made me hunger for such a look. 


Nerves made me continue to talk. (Well maybe not just the nerves, but I'll blame it mostly on them.) 

"Oh yes! I almost forgot! Okay so, one day I am just going to pack up and leave and go pick flowers." My plan is flawless and I know it. So I smile to show it. 


"Maple how many times do we got to tell you about how dangerous it is out there."


"At the least, three more times, mom." 


Terho laughed, "I am not mom, that would be Marcello."  


I leaned over to slumped Marcello and gave him a big hug.


"Mother, can I run away and go pick some flowers for the rest of my life." 


He flew up his arms and squeezed me tight. "Of corse honey, but first you need to feed Velvet." 


All three of us bust up laughing, but I think I laughed the hardest. We wipe away our tears and settle back down again.


"Hey don't you have kin somewhere out in the outskirts," He rubs his head and leans both elbows on the table, "can't you just... go and find him?"  


Terho remembered something I didn't, my mother's brother left this godforsaken place and never looked back. Mother was so disappointed that she practically disowned him and forbids to even speak about him. 


"Terho! You mad man! You are so right!" I jump and throw my hands up. "I have never thought about that! I can just go to him, get my flowers and travel around with him." I just stand there with my mouth gaped open. I have never thought of any of this, and the sheer possibility of this happening makes my heart beat up. 


"Yep, that is what I am going to do. Thank you!" 

 I go back to my jar of money and take a final swallow out of my drink. 


"You both are the best, I  love you guys and when I come back you all get first dibs on flowers!" 


"Now hold on right there, Maple." Marcello got out of his chair and walked up to me. He got close and held my shoulders, and made direct eye contact. I fall deep into his perfect blue eyes. "You brought money, no? Do you need something?" 


I laugh and hug him, he always knows just what to say.


"Oh yes Maple, did you need anything in particular?" 


"Just some of your fresh meat." 


"What kind?" 


"Surprise me." 

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