When I Go

When I go
I will stay long gone.


1. Huh?

There is no noise, and everything seems to be in slow motion. I blink, but see nothing other than gray. I must be on my back. I blink a few more times and began trying to sit myself up. I try and move my arm, nothing. Head, neck, Fingers? Nothing, no energy of any sort. Of course. Ya' know what? I’ll just take a nap.


“No!” This blood curdling cry just rang out of the oblivion and echoed through my cold bones.


That cry sat me up in the upright position within seconds. It seems to have struck a chord in me. Okay, I guess I won't take a nap, gosh. This person, whomever they are, is obviously in pain and I feel like they need help, or at the least a hug.  


The ground beneath me is cold, rock solid, and dirt; like me. This area, that feels more like a room, is just so, depressing. Gray sky, gray nasty-ass dirty ground, and to top it off, gray leafless trees. I can't see too far off, it looks like just thick fog from there on out. Things seemed to be hazed. 


Is that blood all over me? A sharp ringing fills my ears as I pick up my hands and stare at this mess before me. It is shiny blood, still wet, yet cold. I rub my fingers together to confirm that this is indeed blood. I let my hands fall to the ground as I look around in disgust. 


A few yards in front of me lay, something. I wipe my hands on my dress without looking down and stand up. Hold on, dress? Why the hell am I wearing a dress? The more I look at it I realize that it is more of a light green gown and not, in fact, a dress. No matter, either way it is ruined by the bloody smear of my handprints. 


I walk on my bare feet, yet I can't feel the ground beneath me. I should feel the small rocks and pebbles stabbing my foot, but I don't. However I don't question my numbness more than I question what is in front of me.


Looking ahead I march forward keeping direct eye contact as the scene becomes clear. This white cloth figure soon becomes this web covered body. The ringing in my ears grows louder. This body lies on the dirt, surrounding and covering it is this white string like material. I stand above this body, that I have decided to call Web. Curiosity kills the cat. I squat down to take a closer inspection. It looks like a spider made a cocoon around his body out of plant roots. I rub my hand on the outer spread of the plant and pull. There is little resistance as I pluck them out of the ground. I twist the little roots in my fingers looking at how perfectly white they are. I bring them close to my nose and sniff. Mycelium? Ew.   


“No Please!” I jump and step on the gown causing me to flail and land on my back. That cry again. 


I stand up and start a fast pace walk to where the cry could have came from. Bitter wind is biting at my ears, but I move my feet. 


Persistence marches me forward, up a hill, and past a tree. The wind is yelling now, as I reach the top. I squint my eyes and put my hand in front of my face to block this wind. It doesn't really work.


“Hello?” I scream in an attempt to shout over the wind. I opened my eyes and saw a tall, slender man, with buckles and straps up his body. This wind needs to knock it off. The wind stopped suddenly and I fall a little before catching myself. What is this guy doing?  


"Hey guy! Is it you that is screaming? If so, you should just... not." I holler but it seems he didn't hear.


With every step I take closer to this man the world is changing. One step forward and the fog clears. Another step, the strange man and I are knee deep in water. Another step and I can see the sun. I take another and nothing happens. I stop where I stand and take in our surroundings. We are wading in a marsh area with a small mangrove forest in front of us.


“Mangrove!” He took in a deep breath, “No, God, No!” I shimmy myself in the water to him.  


“Yes that is indeed a mangrove, Sir! Quite lovely isn't it?” I place my hand on his shoulder as a friendly motive.  He is pretty tall compared to me. He doesn't move when I touch him, it is like I didn’t touch him at all.


“Hey man,  what are you looking for I can help you out,” I took a glance around and realize that I don't even know what is happening, “well I think.” I lift my hand off him, and like if I commanded it, he fell to his knees. 


Water splashes as I jump back then look in the direction he was looking in. The water is red by the mangrove roots, spreading out farther with every pulse of the current. A girl lay on top of the roots, her head lay odd and hand in the water.


The high pitched ring is back in my ear, causing me to flinch and dig my finger in there. The longer I stand here the stronger this current is getting. I look down to the man next to me. He looks up and makes direct eye contact with me. His face is red, swollen, and wet with pain.  What in the world is up with his eye?



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