11 minutes and 8 seconds

Callie was a straight A student who met the wrong boy....She learns that you can lose everything in the blink of an eye, as well as regain things and even that death is always closer than you think.


2. too late

I turned 18 about four months into school and spent the day so fucked up I couldn't even stay awake. I had given up. I was done. It was too late and I was helpless. Noah came up to me during lunch one day at the beginning of January. His eyes were red and he looked like he'd been crying. "Callie," he started with a sigh, "Look, I'm so sorry. You are so much better than this. Cayde. The drugs. Hurting yourself. You need to understand people care for you." He tries to take my hands but I jerk them away. He can't pull me into this lie.. He's been out of my life for 6 months he can't just come back all of a sudden with a bullshit lie about caring. I was NOT going to get hurt again! He frowns and looks up into my eyes. I hope he sees all the pain him and Emily and Ian caused me. "Please Callie!" he pleaded, "Please let me help you. I want to help you." Inside I am dying. Why couldn't he have said that months ago? "Bullshit." I whisper under my breath. "What?" He replies looking confused. "BULLSHIT" I yell. The entire cafeteria falls quiet and everyone looks at me. Some look confused, while others on the other hand look scared. I know what they're all thinking: The crazy druggie can speak. Noah looks sort of sad. Tears fill my eyes. "It's too late to help me Noah...Can't you see that? You had your chance. All three of you did, but now it's too late." Before he can speak I stand up and leave the room. I don't stop walking until I am out the door of the building and in the parking lot. I let out the scream I had been holding since Noah sat down.

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