11 minutes and 8 seconds

Callie was a straight A student who met the wrong boy....She learns that you can lose everything in the blink of an eye, as well as regain things and even that death is always closer than you think.


3. alive?

I ran.  Ran as fast as I could to get away from that parking lot.  That school.  That boy who was once everything to me.  I was angry.  I felt betrayed, and worse I felt stupid for not being able to handle the pain.  I once thought I was strong, but now I could see that was fake.  I once wore my heart on my sleeve and look where that got me, popping pills trying to numb myself in any way possible.  When I got home and didn't see my mom's Mustang in the driveway I went to my room and slammed the door before my knees went weak and I collapsed in front of it.  I was shaking and needed to blur my mind from everything screaming at me, so I swallowed a few pills and waited for them to kick in.  When they didn't I just popped a few more.  No big deal, I've done it before.  My mind began to blur but I still felt the pain in my heart.  I went to my bed reached under and pulled out a small silver box.  Inside I pulled out a razor blade and just stared at it.  I Brought the tip to my wrist and dug in a little.  I could feel the drop of blood pool under the tip before I felt it warmly trickle down my arm.  I didn't do much more because I could feel my mind becoming fuzzy.  My body convolsed then tensed as I fell to the floor.  Unable to breathe, gasping for air I couldn't seem to find.  Then I felt myself fall into a deep peaceful sleep as my heart ceased to beat and my eyes fluttered shut. The pain was over.


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