Theif - M.C.


4. Wait. Is that you?

Shocked by seeing him, i ask,"Michael? Why are you in here?"

"speeding and drunk driving." he replies in a mellow tone.

"I thought Cal was your driver." I say.

"He was sick. How do you know me anyways?" he asks.

"Huge fan!" i smile.

"Well at least someone likes me." he smiles back.

"LUNCH" I hear an officer yell.

I walked into the lunch room with michael by my decide.. I really like him here, but I'm kind of disappointed in my idol ending up here, but what could I do. "Alright ladies hit the showers!" I heard Officer Perin say.

"Be right back, Michael." I say to him.

As I got in the shower, I started to think how lucky I am to he here. Maybe I'll change. Maybe I'll be a better- WHAT?! NO I LOVE THE WAY I AM. HAH CHANGE I DONT THINK SO! I'm really glad I met mikey tho. He is really nice and sweet. I knew that but it's better in person. I feel bad for him, all he wants to do is be punk rock and he ended up in prison. Poor guys. The rest of the boys must be mad. They might cancel tour I heard. Ouch, must hurt

"ALRIGHT PRINCESS GET THE FUCK OUT" a fellow cell mate yelled.

"Sorry," I said covering up and leaving the showers. I walked back to michael and I's cell room. He wasn't there, showers I guess. Michael walked back in with just a towel on. "Oh sorry I didn't know you were coming back!" I said covering my eyes.

"It's not like I'm nude..." he said.

"I know I just. you know seeing my idol in a- nevermind..." I ended that in the most awkward way...

"I'm your idol?" he asked starry eyed.

"I mean if course, you got me into playing guitar and making music." I told him.

"wow, maybe when we get outta here we could get with the boys and write some lyrics?" he asked.

"I'd love to but I don't know when I get out!" I said.

"well we will see I guess. I really like you Y/N" Michael said stepping closer.

"uh I really like you too Michael" I stuttered out. He leaned in and tried to kiss me.

"Mikey we can't, well get in trouble." I told him.

"fuck..." he said.

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