Theif - M.C.


3. Somewhere New:)

I was crying. I don't know why, I had always wanted to run away. I'm a Theif. I'm only 17 and I've been to jail twice for felony. Ugh. I've tried to change, I just can't. Life is a whole lot easier when you don't give a fuck. But for some reason I'm...caring? What's wrong with me? What happened to the old me. The one who stole and could care less, who didn't care about what her parents had to say. Something's wrong. I hear noises coming from far away. I stop the car. *sirens* OH SHIT. "Fuck fuck fuckkkk!" I say to myself. How in the hell in living in did they find me.

"Ugh where am I?" you say to yourself.

"welcome to prison ma'am." you hear a deep male voice say.

"what? how did I-" you must've passed out from the dress of being caught. You saw the all too familiar metal bars in front of you. There was a sign that read "MIXED HALL". You've been on this floor before. It's where the put men and somen in the same halls.

"ALRIGHT LETS MOVE YOU IN!" a lady says. you're getting out of confinement. You're being out in a room with a room mate. You never understood why they put guys and girls together sometimes, but you're not complaining. (sorry switched POV's going back to mine!) I got to my new room, with another guy named Mciahel. No last name on the card, just michael. "oh maybe it'll be Clifford" I said sarcastically. then walks in, michael clifford...

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