Theif - M.C.


2. Overboard

I guess you could say that I took it too far. I started buying a ton if shit I didn't need. a cocktail dress, beats, a new PHONE! I such an ass to my mom. I shouldn't do this but, if my brother could get away with it so could I! I was wrong. 4 packages came one day. I heard the doorbell ring but, my mom answered it. "Y/N!!! GET YOUR ASS DOWN HERE!" my mom yelled. I walked downstairs and saw my dad. This can't be good. She only calls him over when I did some bad shit. Well... "what the hell is this." my dad said calmly. He was always very calm in stressful situations. That's why I don't like living with mom. She's a nutbag. "Let's see shall we?" she said sarcastically. "y/n WHY THE HELL ARE YOU BUYING A CAMERA AMD HOW?!?!" she screamed. "I won it on an app I swear!" I pleaded. I was lying, like badly but, I don't wanna commit to that. "BULLSHIT" she said. "Perry?! are you not going to say ANYTHING?!" she asked your father. "look Harriet, she has iTunes money I gave her that's where it's from right?" he asked me. I stood there shocked. I ran upstairs saying I had to show them something. wow, more lies. I wasn't showing them shit, I grabbed my new phone I bought, the beats, food and drinks from my mini fridge, and packed them in my EMERGENCY BAG. I had awaited this day. When I got caught and couldn't handle the pressure. I stuffed some clothes in there. I ran down stairs and out of the house. I could hear my mom and dad yelling for me. I got in my car and drove. I don't know where I was going, but far away. I couldn't take it. I knew they were already calling the police by now, but before I knew it, I was out of the state.

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