Theif - M.C.


1. Not A Good Kid

Here we are again. Sitting in my room, nothing to do. I had just recently got iTunes money and I had no idea what to spend it on. Music? Nah, just bought a ton. This card held $15. So, not much. I figured, why not buy some stuff off the apple store. "not enough money?! it's $6.49! ugh whatever." I close my laptop and walk downstairs. My parents are divorcees and right now In at my moms. To be honest, I like my dad a whole lot more than my mom but, what can I do. I walk to the counter and see a debit card. "hello there." I said as a smile creeped on to my face. I ran back upstairs, not to iTunes, but to Amazon. They had all kinds of stiff on there! MAYBE EVEN 5SOS MERCH! OMGOMGOMG. I entered the card number in my account and bought a t-shirt with "but ur not michael clifford" on it. eek! Now that I thought about it. I have unlimited amounts of money now:) Little did I know...

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