Tick Tock Goes the Clock

Everyone has a soul mate. It's a very believed in fact. But in this world, you only get so much time until you meet your soul mate. Let me explain. On everyone's wrist is a timer. And on that timer is the amount of days, hours, minutes, and seconds until you meet your soul mate. How would you react if you just glanced at your timer, and found it to have only seconds left? (I found this idea on the internet, so I can't take full credit.)


2. Evangeline Simmons

It was an accident. I had reached up to take down the sugar, when sleeve of my grey sweater slipped to reveal the white glass with 3 minutes, and counting down. The bowl of sugar slipped out of my hand, and hit the floor with an ear shattering crack. I stared at my wrist in disbelief, oblivious to my mom running into the green colored room and shouting at me for the mess I made. Staggering back, I managed get a chair beneath me before collapsing. Finally, my mom noticed my silence.

"What's going on, sweetie?" she asked, immediately concerned. I held out my wrist to her and she stared. And then the last words I would have expected to hear came out of her mouth.

"Oh my god, congratulations sweetie!" she squealed, and wrapped her arms around my neck. I sat frozen in disbelief as she ranted about what cute babies I would have. 3 minutes. 3 minutes. Most people are overjoyed when their clock begins to tick its end, but my chest just felt constricted. My mother's words flew over my head as insecurities began to fill my head. What if they're disappointed? What if they don't like me? What if I don't like them? Ignoring my mother's rambling, I stood and hurried to the bathroom. Gripping the edge of the sink, I stared at my poor reflection. The grey sweater that revealed my timer to me hang loose on my thin frame, sleeves covering my hands. Red curls made it down to my shoulders, and no bangs cover the pale skin of my forehead. Brown eyes stared into mine through the glass of my hipster glasses, and a small mouth opened to let out a sigh. I was disappointed with myself. How could my soul mate not be? I walked out of the bathroom, shoulders drooping, and my mom finally noticed my depression.

"Sweetie, what's the matter?" she asked, taking a seat next to me at the kitchen table.

"Mom, how could anyone like me?" I asked. "I'm ugly, have no friends, I don't even know anybody."

"Evie," Mom said firmly. "They will look past the looks and friends thing. Besides, they're your soul mate. How could they not like you for who you are?" Sighing, I looked at my timer. 1 minute and 18 seconds to go. Standing up, I put on a hoodie and left out the door. The cold air swiped my cheeks as I hurried down the gravel path to the street. We lived in town, and so it didn't take long to make to a busy square. What better place to find them than in a crowded place? Checking the timer, I found out I had 14 seconds until I meet. Desperately, I stretched onto my tippy toes, searching for another face. Spinning in a full circle, I find my eyes drawn to a man. His back was to me, but he started to turns towards me. His face turned my way, and my eyes locked onto his grey-blue eyes, right as I heard a small, but shrill ding as my timer counted its last beat. A smile lit his thin face, and brown curls bounced as he raced to meet me. A smile found its way onto my own face, as I found myself running to meet him too. When the short distance was met, we stood, taking in each other's features. And, thank God, I didn't see disappointment in his face. I grinned and held out a hand.

"Evangeline Simmons," I introduced myself. He ignored the hand and pulled me in for a warm hug.

"Andrew Wright," he said, and I felt something in my chest. A warm feeling that told me, yes, this is my soul mate.

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