Tick Tock Goes the Clock

Everyone has a soul mate. It's a very believed in fact. But in this world, you only get so much time until you meet your soul mate. Let me explain. On everyone's wrist is a timer. And on that timer is the amount of days, hours, minutes, and seconds until you meet your soul mate. How would you react if you just glanced at your timer, and found it to have only seconds left? (I found this idea on the internet, so I can't take full credit.)


6. Epilouge

So, now you know a bit of what that world is like. When it comes to soul mates, most people think of romance and happy endings. But just because they know their soul mate, doesn't make it a Disney movie. They live in a world like ours, where many people meet unhappy endings without anyone noticing. And being a soul mate doesn't mean instant love. They could just be close friends. It's two pieces of a puzzle finding each other. Compatible. Yes, most do marry. But many just remain friends. Maybe you wish you lived in that world. But I personally think it's more fun to figure out who's your soul mate by yourself.

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