Tick Tock Goes the Clock

Everyone has a soul mate. It's a very believed in fact. But in this world, you only get so much time until you meet your soul mate. Let me explain. On everyone's wrist is a timer. And on that timer is the amount of days, hours, minutes, and seconds until you meet your soul mate. How would you react if you just glanced at your timer, and found it to have only seconds left? (I found this idea on the internet, so I can't take full credit.)


5. Delilah Cortez

A loser. That's my biggest fear. Now, you're probably all wondering, how could the popular Delilah be afraid of a loser? Let me explain. I'm very popular at my school, and I have a timer on my wrist. It currently says I have 10 minutes until I meet my soul mate. And my biggest fear is that my soul mate will be a loser, band geek, computer nerd, or just a plain out dork. Since I've spent some time explaining this to you, I now have 7 minutes. It's the middle of glass, and I look dreadful, so I decide to find an excuse to go prep myself.

"Mrs. Hernandez?" I asked, raising my hand. She nodded her acknowledgement of my raised hand. "May I go to the bathroom?" She nodded without looking up from the computer that she was trying to teach us from. I rolled my eyes and sashayed from the classroom. I could feel the boys watching my butt sway, and smirked to myself. Boys were so easy to control. I have every boys wrapped a round my manicured pinkie.

However, as I reached the bathroom and looked into the mirror, I heard a high pitched beep. Confused, I reached for my phone, not remembering if I put that as a ringtone. But as I held my phone up, I noticed the timer on my wrist. It was at zero. Time froze as shock and confusion hit me like a train. It took a few minutes until realization took its turn to run me over. Oh my god. My soul mate is my reflection.

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