The angels

Hi. I'm Amnesia, and yes. I know my name is strange, but that was what my parents wanted to call me. Basically was it because my mom forgot me, the day after I was born. She wouldn't admit that I was her daughter. My dad toke a care of me, until I was 14. When I turned 14, the hospital toke over. Or to say it straight. I got cancer. Now I'm 17, and about to die before I turn 18. No one can help me. No one.


5. The sad story about a friend

After the dinner I walked up to my room. When I opened the door I got a shock. He was gone. The angel. "Luke. Are you still here?" I said. "I'm always staying here you know. I just got a message from god. He is sending one more angel. His name is Calum. But please don't call him Asian. We angels can become very dangerous when we gets angry, and he hates to be called Asian, so that can make him very angry" "ok. What can make you angry?" "Oh. I don't like to be shot" "can angels be shot?" "No. We are already dead, so we can't die twice" Luke said. "Ok. I gotta go. I'm going to the cemetery, to lay some flowers on my friends grave. See you in half an hour" I said while I putted some things in my bag. "what happened to your friend?" Luke asked. I could feel a tear on my cheek. "My friend died 6 months ago... a car accident. She drove with her boyfriend from her boyfriends house to her house, when it happened. They both died" I cried. "Amnesia. Emma is fine. God take a care of her. She's a very beautiful angel, and I know she will visit you in your dreams soon" Luke said. I stopped crying. "how did you know her name was Emma, and why can't she just visit me like you did?" I asked. "God just said her name to me. She's a dream-angel. It's a kind of angels, which only can visit people in dreams. It's mostly young girls, who died by car accidents" Luke said. "Ok. I gotta go. Bye" I said. 

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