The angels

Hi. I'm Amnesia, and yes. I know my name is strange, but that was what my parents wanted to call me. Basically was it because my mom forgot me, the day after I was born. She wouldn't admit that I was her daughter. My dad toke a care of me, until I was 14. When I turned 14, the hospital toke over. Or to say it straight. I got cancer. Now I'm 17, and about to die before I turn 18. No one can help me. No one.


1. the doctor

Today is the day. Maybe I'm gonna know how much time I've left. "Number 54." Oh. That's my number. "Hi sweetheart. Are you afraid?" The nurse ask. "No. I've tried this so much, so I'm not afraid to go to the doctor anymore." I answer. "Ok. Follow me." "Ok" I say, and follow her. "Here it is sweetheart. It's gonna be mr. Johnson today" she say with a sad voice. I walk in, say hello to mr. Johnson, and sit down in the chair. Mr. Johnson have been my favourite doctor, since they told me I had cancer. "So?" I say. "So what?" Mr. Johnson answer. "How many days do I have left?" I say. "Ehm. Yeah Amnesia. I have good news and bad news. Which one do you wanna hear first?" "The good news of course" I say a little loud. "Ok. Ehm. The good news is… …that you are gonna celebrate your 18th birthday" "and the bad news?" I say. "You're gonna die a week after, Amnesia. You have one month left. I'm so sorry, but you're not gonna survive this time." Mr. Johnson say. Ok maybe I'm a little scared now, but. I can take it. We are all gonna die, but some of us will die before every one else. "Ok. Thanks mr. Johnson" I say, and walk out of the room. What am I gonna tell dad? That his only daughter will die in just a month? Maybe it's best to tell him that, even if it is hard to tell him that.

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