The angels

Hi. I'm Amnesia, and yes. I know my name is strange, but that was what my parents wanted to call me. Basically was it because my mom forgot me, the day after I was born. She wouldn't admit that I was her daughter. My dad toke a care of me, until I was 14. When I turned 14, the hospital toke over. Or to say it straight. I got cancer. Now I'm 17, and about to die before I turn 18. No one can help me. No one.


2. the angel

"Hi dad. I'm home" I yell. "Amnesia. Good to see you again" he say. "But dad. I've only been gone in two hours" "that's also a long time for me, Amnesia… …So. How long have you left?" My heart stopped for a second. "Ehm. I-I-I c-c-can't remember it" "you lie. Since you were 3 years old, you could remember almost everything. So Amnesia. Tell me the truth. Is it a week, a day, an hour?" "No dad. It's just a month" I say very sad. "But Amnesia. You have to think positive. You can celebrate your birthday" "yeah. You're right… …I'm gonna take a nap now. See you at the dinner" "good night, Amnesia." I come into my bedroom, and saw a young tall guy. "Hi. What's your name?" I ask. The guy look at me, and say "my name is Luke Robert Hemmings. But just call me Luke. I'm an angel, sent to take you with me to god in the cloudy castles" "ok Luke. I know I've cancer and I believe in god, but I doesn't think that you are an angel. Except if you could fly, or something angels do" "sorry Amnesia, but I can't fly yet. Me and my 3 best friends can't get our wings, before we bring you to god. We can't basically not leave earth without you" "ok. Listen mr. Luke. I wanna celebrate my 18th birthday, before I die. That's my last wish."

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