The angels

Hi. I'm Amnesia, and yes. I know my name is strange, but that was what my parents wanted to call me. Basically was it because my mom forgot me, the day after I was born. She wouldn't admit that I was her daughter. My dad toke a care of me, until I was 14. When I turned 14, the hospital toke over. Or to say it straight. I got cancer. Now I'm 17, and about to die before I turn 18. No one can help me. No one.


4. The angel is staying

"Fine. But not a day after" Luke said. "Why do you want me to die?" I asked. Luke looked at me with his beautiful eyes, and said "no. You are the most beautiful girl I've ever seen, but your days is over soon." "But what if I don't wanna die?" "Listen. Is not me but god, that want you to come into the heaven." I was almost crying. "Can I sleep here? I can't get out of your house" Luke said. "Sure. Just say to my dad, that you're a boy from… …which country you wanna come from, who visit my school for like an month. It's just you, right?" "I don't think so. My friends are maybe coming" "ok. Then we have a problem" "why. I can become invisible" "why didn't you say that before" I said. "Amnesia. Who are you talking to?" I heard my dad say. "I'm just talking to myself" I said. "Ok. The dinner is ready soon" 

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