do you remember

I was 11 when I moved from california to New York before I left I had 2 bestfreinds their names were Nash and Hayes greir now I am 16 and I am moving back will they remember me.


1. chapter 1

Izzie's POV: Mom came and got me from Nash and Hayes house we wen't inside had dinner and I could tell something was up mom whats wrong Izzie we are going to move tomorrow we are going to New York I got a great job offer there I'm sorry but I have to take I'm designing clothes for models ok mom I understand after I said that I wen't up stairs and cried along until I heard a knock on the door come in I say Izzie you should start packing and you might want to tell the boys I will pack but I am not going to tell the boys if I don't tell them they might forget about me so I don't wan't to hurt them ok Izzie if thats what you wan't yes mom thats what I wan't I start to pack then I take a shower put on my flower fuzy pj shorts and then a black tank top I wake up the next morin to mom shaking my shoulders Izzie get up its almost time to go to the airport ok mom I get dressed in white short shorts a flower tank top and my hair is down with a flower crown then I grabbed my bags put them in the trunk and we drove to the airport AIRPLANE RIDE we get of the plane and we get to are new house we upack and go to bed NEXT MORING Izzie you have to go to school why because fine I go get dressed I put on black jean short shorts with a blue crop top and a flower crown I walked into school and all kinds of boys started to stare at me I was all like stop staring SIX YEARS LATER I woke up mom I don't want to go to school Izzie you have to ok fine puts on outfit gos to school BACK FROM SCHOOL I walked in and mom looked exited hey mom whats up oh nothing but tomorrow we are moving back home and moving back into the same house then we both screamed yassssssssssssss NEXT DAY  


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