Riley and Ellie North are two newly signed stars at capital records and what happens when the bump into 5 seconds of summer a their launch party...


1. 5 Seconds of Summer

Where the north twins Ellie and Riley. we're in a band called social casualties and we just got signed to capital records, amazing, it's our life long dream and now it's finally coming true.

We have a launch party tonight for our debut album, we loved recording it but we can't be bothered with the party.

Riley's POV

I couldn't care less about this party, I don't drink so I was tired of partying already. I then noticed the 5 seconds of summer boys standing in the corner and walked up to them, I was a major supporter so controlling my inner fan girl was proving difficult, when we started to chat Ellie came over with Nash Grier, he had his arm around her waist. I was so happy they where together, we were coming up 18 soon and they where planing something big. I was talking to Calum Hood about exchanging numbers with all the boys, Calum said that Luke was happy to give me their numbers. Elle and I stayed with them the rest of the night, I went back to their hotel and Ellie went home with Nash.

The boys and I stayed up all night talking about the perfect amount of nothing, playing some old music and watching 'how I met your mother' re-runs and High School Musical (Mikey's secret passion). I really liked Luke but he was dating this girl called Claudia, she was so stuck up.

A couple days later we went on a road trip... Both bands so it was me, Ellie, Fern, Abigail, Luke, Claudia, Calum, Ashton and Michael.

Abi and Fern were our closest friends, we met a few years ago on a school surf trip to France, I already knew Fern from registration at school and Elle and Abigail went to dance school together as kids.

I was lying in Luke's lap half asleep, when he lent down and kissed me gently I kissed back but he didn't feel it. He lent up and I felt him play with my hair. Ellie spoke

" you really like her don't you "

"yeah like REALLY like her "

"tell her then Luke "

"I can't I don't think she likes me that much "

"Ok Luke I won't tell her, but it's not right for you to be feeling this way whilst you are still dating Claudia, you barley know Riley"

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