Who am I Without him

In the game of love, young men weight what they need from the opposite sex against what they need to find in themselves any way they know. Bear witness to twelve unique trysts as relationship go either right or wrong, and teens fall in and out of love with surprising often funny, always on-point results.


1. Chapter 1: So I ain't no good girl

People say things about me. Bad things. Momma says I give 'em a reason to. That if I would just be a good girl like the girls who wait for the bus with me in the mornings then things wouldn't go so hard for me. But I don't wanna be like them girls, so plain and pitiful, boys don't even look their way or ask their names. I wanna be me. Ain't nothing wrong with that. Is it? Me and them girls been standing on the same corner waiting for the same bus for a year now, and I don't even know their names. But I hate 'em just the same, mostly 'cause that girl with the red hair and gray eyes looked like the girl Rahmeen once left me for. She was a good girl too, so they say. She got straight A's. Worked in the principal's office, headed up the cheerleading team, and played flute for the marching band. You'd figure a girl like that wouldn't be no thief. But she was. She stole my man right from under me for a little while, anyhow. " What you looking at?" I ask the girl in the green plaid skirt. She keeps he mouth shut and squinty, brown eyes looking down at the ground. And right when I go to tell her she better not even think about looking my way, I trip over my own two feet. " I should..." I say, for the one with the red hair run-over shoes. She and her friends run to the other street like they being chased by boys with bricks. But then, I see Raheem. Sweet, pretty Raheem. So I forget about them girls, and go back to be with my Boo. Yellow phlegm flies out Raheem's mouth and onto the curd, right when I walk up to. " Hey, baby," he says. I give him big one on the lips. "Hey." Hey take off his shades and eyes a girl passing by. The out the blue he tells me to go to school without him, ' cause he's got things to do. I push up against him. Stick my tongue in his ear and roll it around the fat gold stud I gave him for his 17th birthday. "Come on, Raheem. I skip English every day so me and you can ride to school together." I snap out on him then, asking him why he's always wasting my time. He hooks his thumb through my gold hoop earring and pulls down hard. "Ouch! You trying to split my ear?" He turns away form me and starts walking. But he don't get far I don't let him. I apologize. Then I press kisses to my fingers and touch his warm lips. I try not to sweat Raheem he gets a little rough with me or says he's coming over my house and don't show u. He's the cutest boy in school: an amateur boxer with a six pack and honey brown muscles that girls reach for even when they don't know him. I can't keep him on a short leash; but I forget that sometimes. Raheem plus his a rm over my shoulder and tells me again to go to school without him. "No," that's what i wanna tell him. But Rahmee likes girls that do what he says and don't talk back. So I remind him that he's go a test third period.If he flunks, he don't pass it, he flunks the class. I f he flunks, he don't graduate next month."So you just need to take your butt to school with me." He rubs the back of my ear ." I know you been waiting me, he says in a sweet voice so sweet my knees almost give way. "But I ain't going. I got things to do." I cant help it. I get mad all over again, and it's me that turns away from him this time. he tickels my neck."Come on, baby. Don't be like that." he kisses my lips. Sas it's me and him forever. I give in.Tell him what he wants to hear Ill take the bus by myself.

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