Right of way *Sequel to 14 and Pregnant*

"Why do you love me?"
"I just do."
"When will you stop loving me?"
"You can never stop loving someone. It's either you always will
or you never did."
"Which one are you?"

All right reserved
© Truly-Madly-Deeply-We-Are, 2014


21. more or less?

Blake's POV

A week later....

"Bye love's see you later" I said as joey and Reese got out the car.

They were having a play date with my friends daughter and son.

Cameron was at my dad's and Niall was gonna leave when I got back.

When I did get back I got out the car and walked into the house.

Niall and Zayn were sitting o the couch.

Zayn and I have hooked up twice so far. 

I don't wanna admit it but I think I'm falling for him.

I still love Niall the same but I just love Zayn also.

ughhhh it's hard.

"Hey guys. Niall the car is all yours" I said.

He nodded and got up.

I was gonna kiss his lips but he turned his head.

It hurt me but I was okay.

Maybe he had a lot on his mind.

"You coming mate?" he asked Zayn.

"Nahhhh. I'll stay with Blake since she doesn't have anybody to keep her company."  Zayn said.

"okay. bye Zayn.... Blake" He said. It felt like I was stabbed in the heart a million times.

Niall left and I broke out into tears.

"babe. Don't cry over him. You have me. You'll always have me" Zayn said and pulled me into a hug.

"Are we more or less?" I asked.

"More or less of what?" He asked.

"More or less of a relationship? What are we?" I asked.

"Well. I don't know. We are less than the regular couple relationship but more than friends" He said. i nodded.

"Z-Zayn?" I asked.


"I love you" I said.

"I love you too" He replied.

"no. i mean i'm in love with you. Well with you and Niall." I said.

"Well Blake. I'm in love with you too. With you and Perrie" He said.

I smiled and kissed him. I pulled away from the kiss and looked Zayn in his eyes and then whispered.

"Make love to me"

The moment was so special. I was so vulnerable.

I just told my best friend that I was in love with him. That's not what usually happens

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