Right of way *Sequel to 14 and Pregnant*

"Why do you love me?"
"I just do."
"When will you stop loving me?"
"You can never stop loving someone. It's either you always will
or you never did."
"Which one are you?"

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© Truly-Madly-Deeply-We-Are, 2014


26. Me and my babies

Blake's POV

3 months.

3 months pregnant.

I still miss Niall but I guess this is how things need to be.

The right way of things.

Maybe this is a sign from god saying that I deserved better.

I have no clue.

"Mummy. Where are we going? Are we gonna see daddy?" Reese asked.

"You and Joey are gonna go see Joey. mommy is gonna move our things to our new house with Unc- Poppa Zayn" I said.

I wanted to get the kids used to calling Zayn something other than Uncle.

It was way to weird for my liking.

"Oh. Okay. I drew daddy a picture of all of us and Aubrey" She said. I furrowed my eyes in confusion.

"Who's Aubrey?" I asked.

"The baby" She shrugged.

"What if the baby is a boy?" I asked she looked at me and smiled.

"It's a girl. I seen her in my dream when i was sleeping. She was with a lady. I think her name was Megan. She said she was my angel. I guess that meant she was my baby sitter but I don't know" She said. i looked at her stunned.

That's truly weird.

All I did was nodded and then picked Reese up. I put her in the car and Joey got in the car also. I started to drive to Niall's house to drop off the kids.

I couldn't stop thinking about Reese's dream. I started to speed up, surprisingly not knowing it. Well I knew but not fully.

"Umm mum can you slow down" I heard Joey say but it sounded like a whisper. 

I could barely pay attention to anything. I could only think about all the stress and the crying and the loneliness. I sped up some more.

"Mum stop your scaring us" Joey said. Again, He sounded like a whisper. I sped up more. I was way over the speed limit.

I closed my eyes. wanting to fall asleep and wake up back at the day Niall and I had intercourse that made Joey. I wanna take it all back.

Every kiss. Every touch. Every 'I love you'. I want it to go away. To vanish into thin air.

"MUM!! SLOW DOWN!!" Joey yelled and it wasn't a whisper. It caught my attention. I turned to him with watery eyes.

"I'm so sorry" I said and then I felt the impact.

Everything went black. 

I couldn't feel anything.

I guess I'm dead now.

Me and my babies.

(Guys this is not the end but I'd like the next chapter to be. I've had such a great time writing these books and I'd love to write more for you all. Thank you all for making writing such a fun experience for me. Love you all and I hope you all stick around for my upcoming stories)

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