Right of way *Sequel to 14 and Pregnant*

"Why do you love me?"
"I just do."
"When will you stop loving me?"
"You can never stop loving someone. It's either you always will
or you never did."
"Which one are you?"

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© Truly-Madly-Deeply-We-Are, 2014


12. let's talk

Blake's POV

"We're going to see daddy! We're going to see daddy" Reese sang.

I had already been a month since the time in the kitchen.

Reese and Joey both agreed on seeing Niall.

"We sure are" I said.

It was still a touchy subject but when the kids talked about it I never really cared.

Joey was always switching sides.

One point he'll hate Niall- so he says- then the next week he'll want us back together.

We went to the doctors because I was actually worried. It didn't only effect his opinion but his eating.

Sometimes he over ate and sometimes he under ate.

"Yay! Daddy" Joey said sarcastically.

He was on my- so to say- side as of right now.

"Jojo I thought you wanted to see Dada?" Reese said.

"I do but... I don't know. I just feel like I shouldn't like him" He said. I sighed.

The doctors gave us medication to help his mood swings that come along with it.

I was joking when I said He might be Bipolar but he really is.


"And we're here" I said.

I parked out front of our old house.

I got out the car and opened the back door.

I got Reese out her booster seat.

She jumped out of my arms and to the door.

She started knocking on the door.

When nobody came she started to kick.

I chuckled.

Joey let himself out and walked up to the door. He took a hold of Reese's hand and showed her the doorbell.

Joey loved Reese so much but at times you could tell she was annoying him.

After they rung the doorbell 4 times the door finally opened.

It revealed not Niall but...... Maura?

"Hello Ma'm I was looking for my father. He must of picked you up from the super market. Did he have a return paper? I can't return you though." Reese said.

We- Kyle and I- have been teaching Reese about the super market. 

Well not like how much carrots and cereal cost.

We tell her where older people come from.

It all started when Reese asked where Mrs. Gabby came from. Mrs. Gabby is about 49. She looked similar to Maura. Short blonde hair and shining smile.

I told her she came from the super market.

Kyle played along because, at the time, It was quite amusing.

"What? Ree. Sometimes I wonder about you" Joey said and I chuckled.

"No. Mummy told me older people over 30 come from the super market. I think you buy them and when your finished you return them. But I guess daddy got one and forgot to return it" She explained.

Joey looked at me with an amused face.

He looked exactly like Niall when he was 5. I know from pictures.

"Mum. It's not nice to lie" He said.

"Sorry love" I said back.

"Well If you don't mind me interrupting. What would you like?" She asked.

She looked at me and she didn't look pleased.

Maura never liked me. She helped me and acted like she liked me but she never has.

She gives me looks and talks about me behind my back to her husband. Saying she's so disappointed in me for getting pregnant young. She asks why I didn't get an abortion or give Joey up for adoption.

I always answered with a simple. 'Because i love my baby so back off' and we kept to ourselves.

"The kids have a meeting with their father" I said through gritted teeth.

"Oh sorry dear. Niall's .... uh.... Niall's not awake at the moment" She said. You could easily tell she was lying.

Bitch. (A/N: I have nothing against Maura. I just never wrote much about them so now I wanna write about their relationship growing)

"uh Mum. Are ya go'nna get me ma water? Me head hurts. I tink Shannon's till asleep" Niall said.

His accent thick. He's been awake for a while but he was not up all day.

"Yeah and Shannon is asleep" Maura said back.

While they were talking I couldn't help but wonder who Shannon was? What was she doing sleeping in my house? Like nahh.

When Reese heard Niall's voice she ran past Maura and into the living room.

Maura looked upset that she had to let me in but boo hoo.

"DADDY!!" Reese yelled.

"PRINCESS" He yelled back.

I walked into the living room with Joey.

Joey still wasn't to happy but he'll perk up soon enough.

"He little man" Niall said to Joey. Joey rolled his eyes.

"Niall" He said back.

Niall looked at Joey shocked.

"That's not my name. Not to you at least" Niall said.

"Yes it is" Joey yelled.

"No. I am your father Joey!! Not just Niall. It's either Dad or Daddy" Niall said.

"No thank you" He said. sass clear in his voice.

Did I mention he was taking sass lessons from Louis the tommo tomlinson himself?

"Joseph be nice" I said. He sighed.

"Okay" He said and sat down. This is life with Joey.

"What's up with him?" Niall asked.

"He's been having mood swings. We found out he's bipolar" I said awkwardly.

"So. Let's talk" Niall said. I smiled. 

I really did miss him.

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