Right of way *Sequel to 14 and Pregnant*

"Why do you love me?"
"I just do."
"When will you stop loving me?"
"You can never stop loving someone. It's either you always will
or you never did."
"Which one are you?"

All right reserved
© Truly-Madly-Deeply-We-Are, 2014


3. It's never gonna be the same

Blake's POV

We arrived to the hospital and I ran to the front desk.

"Where is Joey Horan's room. It's an emergency. I'm his mum" I said.

"He's in room 232 but-" The lady started but I cut her off.

"Thanks" I screamed and Niall and I took off.

We made it to room 232 and I opened the door.

"Mum?" Joey asked. I nodded and kissed his forehead.

"Mummy. Who's he?" He asked.

"Who?" I asked. He motioned me towards him.

"The blonde guy with blue eyes and a red face" He whispered. I froze.

"What?" Niall asked.

I didn't answer. He got impatient.

"Blake what?!?!?!?" He yelled. 

I flinched and so did Joey.

"Don't yell at my Mum. You.... You.... You womanizer" Joey said.

Niall's mouth dropped.

"Joey where'd you learn that?" Niall asked.

"I just know it. How do you know my name anyway?" Joey asked while crossing his little arms.

"I'm your father" Niall said.

"I don't have a father. It's always been Mum and me and uncle Roah and uncle Ryder. Oh and Grandmum" Joey said.

"You don't remember me?" He asked Joey.

"I never knew you" Joey spat.

was to confused. Maybe that's what the nurse wanted to say.


(It's very small but I'm bored and I wanted to tell you what happened to Joey. I was so close to killing him off but I actually almost started crying haha~ XxTruly-MadlyxX)





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