Right of way *Sequel to 14 and Pregnant*

"Why do you love me?"
"I just do."
"When will you stop loving me?"
"You can never stop loving someone. It's either you always will
or you never did."
"Which one are you?"

All right reserved
© Truly-Madly-Deeply-We-Are, 2014


9. Don't waste your tears on him.

Blake's POV

"Blake. We-We can work this out" Niall said.

I ignored him.

"How long?" I asked.

"How long what?" Niall asked.

"How long have you been talking to Ashley? Or any other girl for that matter" I asked.

"I've only talked to Ashley yesterday. She texted me once I got home. I don't remember exchanging numbers but I guess we did." Niall said.

"How long have you been cheating on me?" I asked.

"Since after Joey forgot about me" Niall sighed. 

My face suddenly got red.

"That was 2 weeks after we got married. You couldn't keep it in your pants?" I asked. Well kinda yelled.

"Blake! I'm sorry. It wasn't meant to happen. Harry and I went to the club. We got quite a few drinks then we did body shots. I-I made a mistake and slept with a girl at her house. I never meant to hurt you. I was just so overwhelmed with Joey not remembering and he got shot. I was sad." Niall said softly.

"You've got to be kidding me!! You are not the victim in this! I am. Joey is. Reese is!! You left your family to go sleep around!" I yelled.

"Babe. Please calm down. Not for me but for the baby. You can hurt yourself and the baby." He said softly.

I counted to 10 in my head and then finished packing.

I grabbed mine and Joey's things and went downstairs.

"Where are you going mummy?" Reese asked.

"Joey and I are leaving" I said.

"Oh. Can I come? Is daddy coming?" She asked. My heart tore into two.

"No sweetie. You have to stay here with daddy. Joey and I will be back to visit" I said.

"Are you gonna come back home? To stay?" She asked.

I kissed her little forehead. Joey walked over. he had his shoes on and jacket.

"No. Sweetie. Joey and I are leaving for, forever" I said.

"Why can't I got? Why can't daddy go? You love us don't you?" She asked. A tear slid down her cheek.

"Of course I love you, Reese. Daddy and I can't be together. Joey and I have to go" I said. Niall walked in. His eyes filled with tears.

"Dada make mummy stay!" Reese cried.

I opened the door and walked out.

I had called Kyle to pick me up. He said we could live with him until I find a place.

"Mummy. No don't leave!!" Reese screamed. Neighbors came out their houses, wanting to know what all the commotion was.

Kyle pulled up and popped the trunk. He got out the car and walked over to me. He grabbed Joey and I's bags and gave me a sympathetic look.

I grabbed Joey's hand and looked back at Reese.

Niall was holding her back while she kicked and screamed and cried.

"Go get mumma!!" Reese yelled at Niall.

I kept walking. I didn't wanna leave my baby girl but I had no choice.

I put Joey in the car and got in on my side.

"I thought you woved her!! I thought you woved mumma!! You gave up! Let. Go!!" Reese yelled. She was just as smart as Joey when he was 2 going on 3.

Reese somehow got out of Niall's grip and ran towards the car and started to hit against the window.

"You no leave!!" She screamed. She wasn't using her regular vocabulary. She never did when she wanted something.

Reese back up from the car once she heard it roar to life.

She stopped screaming she just cried.

hair covered her face and her onesie had dirt on it.

Kyle started to move the car.

"Hey. Mummy. Don't waste your tears on him" Joey said before laying his head on my small bump and falling asleep.



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