Right of way *Sequel to 14 and Pregnant*

"Why do you love me?"
"I just do."
"When will you stop loving me?"
"You can never stop loving someone. It's either you always will
or you never did."
"Which one are you?"

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© Truly-Madly-Deeply-We-Are, 2014


18. Birth

Blake's POV

"C section day! C section day!! We get to meet you today bunny" I cooed to my belly.

To day was the day of my C section. I was so excited.

The baby has grown so much. She's really big. They said that by the time she comes out that she'll be about 9 lbs.

Niall grabbed the baby bag and we left and got in the car.

It's 2:36am right now.

Reese and Joey were with Niall's mum. She flew out to London with Bobby, Greg, Denise, and Theo.

"I'm ready" I said.

"Me too" Niall said.

We got to the hospital and they started their magic.

My little GIRL was born June 23, 2016.

Cameron Justice Horan.

A pretty American name.

"Here you go mommy and Daddy" The nurse said. 

She was the first ever American nurse I've had. I wonder why she's in London.

"Thanks" I whispered.

I looked at her. She was so small and precious.

I loved her more then anything. Well her Joey and Reese.

Niall took her from my hold and looked at her. He smiled down at her and stroked her cheek with his index finger.

"She's adorable" He said.

I nodded.

"She looks like you" He said.

"No she doesn't. She doesn't really look like either of us. I guess it's just a mix"

I said.

(For the revealing of what Blake officially looks like.)






(Kate winslet!! Yay. She's very beautiful and yeah)

"Well she's perfect even if she doesn't look like either of us" Niall said.

I smiled.

"Yeah. She's perfect." I whispered.

(Sorry i've been using a bunch of pictures but I promise there is only one more)

A few days later we got to bring Cameron home.

She was a weird little baby. She didn't sleep much. 

"Mum!! Dad!" Joey yelled.

"Shhhhh" I said while putting my finger to my mouth.

"Cameron is sleeping" I said.

Joey nodded.

"Where's Reese?" I asked.

"She's in the living room with Grandmum." He said.

I nodded and Niall and I walked into the living room. We were met with the boys, my parents, Niall's parents, my siblings- and I mean all of them-, Greg and his family, my grandma, Niall's grandparents and cousins and aunts. Old friends. Everyone was here.

"Surprise" They all whisper yelled.

"Awe. Guys thanks" I said.

I started hugging people and chatting. Cameron started to get fussy because she was hungry.

I decided early on in the pregnancy that I was gonna breast feed her since I didn't with joey and I couldn't with Reese.

I got Cameron out of her carrier and grabbed her feeding blanket. I slung it over my shoulder and over my breast.

I put Cameron under the blanket and pulled down my top.

Yeah. you know the rest.

When she was finished I got myself together and took Cameron from under the blanket.

Her eyes were opening and closing and her mouth was open because of her tongue.

"Can we hold her?" People asked. I chuckled and nodded first she went to my mum and then Niall's then my dad and all my siblings. Roah and Ryder were so happy. I can't believe my boys are 10. After my siblings Greg held her and talked to her. Theo looked at her like she was crazy but then talked to her a bit. Denise held are and cooed at her. Then my grandmum held her and then Niall's all his cousins held her and then his friends. The last person to hold her was Zayn.

His hair was so messy but he looked really happy to be holding her. Through out the pregnancy Zayn was the shoulder to cry on. Other than Kyle.

I decided to take a picture and make it my screen saver.

It was really cute because him and Cameron were looking- somewhat- into the camera.

"Awe. Zaynie ya'll are to cute. Wait. Hey where are Meh girls?" I asked.

"Eleanor went to visit family with Justin" Louis said. I nodded.

"Sophia, Zoella, and Lucas went to the mall since Lucas grew out of his baby stuff. She said she'll visit soon though" Liam said.

"Perrie is on bed rest. The twins are giving her are hard time. They keep kicking and it's not all to good for her right now but in a few weeks they'll be born" Zayn said.

"Harry?" I asked.

"Lylana took Darcy to her check up and found out she was sick. She's home taking care of her" He explained.

"Okay. You guys are off the hook for not bringing your wives but affter Perrie has those babies, after Dac is okay, after Sophia has the clothes, and after El gets back I'm stealing them from you guys." I said.

They chuckled and nodded.

Niall too Cameron fro Zayn and started rocking her. She had started to cry.

"Hush little princess. Don't say a word. Daddy's gonna bye you a mocking bird" Niall sang softly.

Cameron stopped crying and looked at Niall she yawned and closed her eyes and was out like a light.

"Wow mate. how'd you do that? It usually take me a while to get Lucas to sleep" Liam said.

Niall shrugged.

"I guess she's just a daddy's girl" he whispered and took her upstairs to her new room.

Soon everyone left.

Niall and I got in bed and I cuddled up to Niall.

"I always will" I whispered.

"huh?" Niall questioned.

"I will always love you. Through the thick and thin. Through tough and bad. I will. You will never and I mean never get rid of me that easily, James. I love you to the mood and back" I said.

He knew I was serious because I called him James. I only ever do that when I'm serious or when I'm really really mad. Or when I call for him.

"I know princess. You will be mine for the rest of your and my life. Nothing will tear us apart. I will never be as stupid as I was a few months ago. I need you to live. Without you and the kids I'm nothing" He said.

I kissed his bare chest and mumbled and 'I love you so much' and yawned.

"I know princess. I love you too. Now get some sleep we have a busy night ahead of us" He said. i smiled.

"Okay?" I asked. Quoting 'The fault in our stars'

"Okay" Niall replied.

"omg. Stop flirting with me" I said and then fell into a deep sleep but not before I heard and soft.

"We've learn the right of way. We will always be together"















The End





























//hahah Just kidding!!

I'm not finished with this book yet.

No no no.


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