Sister Knows Best

"She's only using you!" Why can't he see that? "If you weren't such a stubborn bitch, you'd see that we're in love!" He argues his side. "If you weren't so blind, you'd see how screwed you are." I stomp out, slamming the door on the way out.

Amber Styles, sibling of Harry, sees the true colors of his new girlfriend, little miss Brenda Rambleton . He doesn't believe her, but when will he learn, sister always knows best.


2. You're Meeting Her!

"Amber, I'm bringing a guest home for dinner." Harry informs me. "And why is this so important  to me?" I ask. "Because you're meeting her." He tells me. "Hell no! I'm going to Niall's! It's movie night!" I shout at him, through the phone.

"He can come over here!" Harry pleads. I sigh. "Fine. But you owe me." I say. "What do you want?"

"Gummy bears." I grin, although he can't see my. "Deal. Now call Niall, and I'll go pick up Brenda." He says. "Ooh, I simply can't wait." I say sarcastically. "Bye, Amber." He says, laughter in his voice. "Bye, douchebag."

Time to call the boys. Wait, nahh, I'll just group message.

Amber: Movie night @ mine 2nite

Louis: But isn't Harry bringing home that girl

Amber: Yep, and he's making me meet her

Liam: Hahah sucks 4 u

Niall: We'll be there

Zayn: WE? I have to talk to IT again???

Amber: Is she really that bad?

Louis: No


Niall: Yes

Zayn: Yes

Louis: Ok maybe

Amber: Please come. Sleepover?

Niall: YAASS

Louis: Sure

Liam: Cool

Zayn: Can't, plans w/ Pez


Zayn: Cry me a river

Zayn: Build me a bridge

Zayn: And get the hell over it

Liam: Imma cry now

Amber: Lmao, see you losers 2nite


I put down the phone, and get ready, waiting for my boys to arrive. I'm also apparently waiting for the she-devil..


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